Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the Limelight #1

Just over the course of my little blogging career, I've come to stumble across many different original features around the blogosphere. Which is why I wanted to take the time to showcase some of them so that 1) you get to discover new bloggers that you may never have heard of before, and 2) you get to discover these wonderful, unique features that really represent the blogger's personality. These features come from their creative minds, their experiences, their lives, which is why they all deserve a shoutout.

Amber @ YA Indulgences 

In which Amber @ Young Adult Indulgences spotlights three different covers that all revolve around a theme or attribute. For example, this week, the books all featured stars on their covers.

I love this particular feature because it doesn't just show ALL the covers, but the ones that pertain to Amber's likes. It gives us a glimpse into who Amber is as a blogger, while showcasing all these beautiful covers.

Her latest Wondrous Covers Wednesday is here, and hence the title, she posts this feature on Wednesdays! 

Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

Kayla @ The Thousand Lives has a feature that REALLY pertains to her, and that is Saturated Reads, in which by the powers of synesthesia, Kayla can see colors while reading. With this feature, she gives us a first hand experience of the colors she encountered while reading the book, and presents a modified cover in those associated colors.

I only recently started reading this feature (which I don't know why I didn't discover it earlier), and I am in love with the new color changes that Kayla implements. Plus, this is another example of how unique this one feature is to her, and how it affects her life (reading, more specifically).

Her latest Saturated Reads is here, and it's on The Weight of Feathers!

Lauren @ The Bookmark Lit

Lastly, I wanted to bring attention to Lauren @ Bookmark Lit and her feature that showcases other bloggers and their favorite bookmarks and book covers! In other words, the bookmarks are the "inside" and the book covers are the "out". She has featured a number of my blogger friends, and many others that I have never heard of before (yay blog-hopping!).

I adore this feature because I love bookmarks, but I don't have a huge collection of them myself. So seeing the bookmarks of other bloggers is really fun! (Totally makes me want to HAVE THEM ALL). Plus, this feature really shows Lauren's love for bookmarks, I mean it is no surprise since it IS part of her blog name, but still. You can see her own answers to her lovely feature here.

Her latest Inside & Out post featured Lauren from Scribbles & Wanderlust!

And that is all I have for now! I hope to do more posts like this sometime in the future, where I showcase three new features every now and then! I hope you enjoyed the post!

What are some of YOUR favorite original features?
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