Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #73

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Top Ten Author Duos You'd LOVE To See Write A Book Together

I know this is incredibly hard, since how am I supposed to know who works well together? But I still love the idea of having two of my favorite authors writing a book together. I don't know if I'll be able to come up with the books I want them to write, but I will try.

Brandon Sanderson & Victoria Schwab - Let's just put these two INCREDIBLE fantasy world builders together. That in itself would be amazing, plus just THINK about the CHARACTERS and the PLOT. Oh just getting the chills just thinking about it.
Elizabeth Wein & Markus Zusak - JUST DESTROY ME WITH FEELS. I know Markus Zusak doesn't exclusively write WWII novels, but I would like, just this once, for him to team up with Elizabeth Wein and create the most beautiful, heartbreaking WWII book of all time.

Laini Taylor & Marissa Meyer - JUST THINK. The detail of Daughter of Smoke & Bone combined with the plot and amazingness of The Lunar Chronicles? IT WOULD BE AWESOME. 

Maggie Stiefvater & Sarah J. Maas - I know, this seems like a weird pairing, but just imagine the action from the Throne of Glass series, and the writing of The Raven Boys, and just PUT THOSE TOGETHER. It would definitely lead to something amazing, I just know it.

Garth Nix & Tamora Pierce - I feel like both of their series, Alanna and the Abhorsen, are kind of similar in setting. Which is why they would make a perfect pair, I'm sure.

And there you have it, five pairs, ten authors. Did you think of any other variations?
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