Thursday, October 22, 2015

Playing With Nostalgia [Game + Giveaway]

Have I mentioned that I love childhood books? So much that I even came up with a guessing game, in that YOU have to guess the book based on the description I give. 

This was inspired by my post about trying to remember some childhood reads, and also the fact that I love talking about my childhood books. These are books that I have read throughout elementary school and middle school, and they make me feel super nostalgic. (Also inspired by those “Guess That Cover” games, which I have seen on Kelly @ Effortlessly Reading, and also Cait’s at Paper Fury. At least I think it was those blogs. Either way, it was some blogs). 

Okay, to elaborate, I've always wanted to discuss the books I've read as a child, and after receiving comments on my other post, Where Are All My Books, which also included a game, I figured that everyone has a pretty good idea of the books I was talking about. So, I have EXPANDED. Instead of it being books I forgot the titles to, I'm quizzing YOU. Do you remember these books? Do you know the ones I am describing?

  • Correctly guess the book that matches the description given. (No author required)
  • Winner will be chosen at random based on the Rafflecopter. However keep in mind that the more books you get right, the better the chance you get of winning. 
  • And yes, you must get the book right for the entry to count! (Spelling does not have to be 100% correct)
  • You are not required to follow me to play. 
  • No cheating! I do check. (No multiple entries, using bot accounts, etc.) I will be going through all the entries before hand to check anyways. 
  • Winner will be emailed, and must respond within 48 hours! Or else a new winner will be chosen. 
  • You can comment on what you think the answers are, but don’t forget that this will lower your chances of winning! Because then everyone will know the answers (or the potential answers) 
1. A girl is discovered on the shores, and apparently she has been raised by dolphins. Scientists bring her to the human world. The book itself is a journal of her experiences in the human world. In the end she has to choose between living with humans or dolphins.

2. Where we are introduced to the boy who lived. Has a lightning bolt scar. YOU GOT THIS ONE GUYS.

3. Tells the story of a family that lives in the woods of Wisconsin. This is the first book in a pretty long, but old, series. (e.g. The next book features the family moving from these woods to the big open prairie.)

4. A brother and sibling discover a tree house in the woods that somehow brings them back in time, all the way to the age of the dinosaurs! Also part of a long series that is still publishing today! (I think)

5. A boy runs away from his uncle and aunt, and ends up in a racially divided town, where he changes the lives of pretty much everyone. He also is super good at untangling knots.

6. After accidentally dropping some magic crystals in the garden, a huge peach grows to an enormous size. A boy explores the peach, and discovers talking bugs! Together they all embark on an adventure in the peach!

7. A girl's father has the ability to read out any character from any book. But this unfortunately has some consequences, which leads to him being missing. His daughter goes looking for him, and along the way also discovers she has this ability as well!

8. A girl discovers a book on hypnotism, and learns that she can hypnotize people very well. And although she uses this new ability to get out of her awful foster home, she ends up attracting some bad attention, including a man who wants to use her power for evil.

9. A tree gives up everything for its friend.

10. A frog and a toad living by the pond having some good times :) Hint: Title is in this description

The winner will be able to choose any book equal to or less than $17 USD from The Book Depository. If you are International, look here to see if TBD ships to you! 

Good luck!

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