Thursday, May 21, 2015

What To Expect From A Certain Val At BEA

So I noticed that SOME PEOPLE (cough cough Holly and Shannon) came together and created a GET TO KNOW YOU post for their TTT this week, without telling me! So after many apologies, I finally forgave them, and then decided to do my own and join the fun. So if you see a person that looks like me doing ALL OF THESE THINGS, then you know who that is. Feel free to come over and we can be awkward together!

I tend to not get overexcited! I'm not the type of person to yell or shout or even TALK to the authors about how much I like their books. I am a very calm person, and I'm pretty easy to please. Even if I get nothing from BEA, I'll be content with the fact that I am meeting two very lovely (and weird) bloggers! (I'll be content, but I'll be sad) Instead, I'll get excited over a donut from Dunkin Donuts, or something.

When I'm nervous or pressured, I am social. Don't ask me how this works! Just at the Rochester Teen Book Festival, I got so stressed at seeing the line to see Sarah Dessen (even though it wasn't even the line I was looking for), that I ended up starting up a conversation with someone waiting for the Jennifer Niven panel (Emily if you're reading this, this is you!) 

I'm scared of not being able to get to everything, which is why I'm currently downplaying BEA. LOOK AT ME CONFESSING THIS. BEA is everything I've hoped for, but I can imagine that books and ARCs may run out by the time I get there. And that makes me sad. 

I hate waiting in lines. I'm going to have to bring a book with me to keep me company when I'm not waiting in line with Holly or Shannon. But I think I'm going to a number of the same events/authors with them, so I will be fine!

I plan to actually look like a 21 year old. Guys I'm actually 21. NOT 16! Mistake my age and I will destroyyyyy youuuuuu. 

I love my dog, Ollie. This has nothing to do with BEA, but if I could bring Ollie, I would. And guess what? Ollie isn't even my official dog. Sure my housemates and me all take care of him, but he really belongs to one of my housemates. But she's in NYC working now. So I'm taking care of him in Rochester. (aka he's MINE)

I actually have no idea what's going on, I haven't even packed yet! I don't even know what I'll do if all the ARCs I get won't fit in my suitcase!Well I do have a plan. I'm bringing my backpack, and I'll try to make sure my suitcase doesn't weigh more than 50 pounds on the bus ride back. Ha. But also, I've been assigned to be the public relations person on our little team of three, for getting around NYC and stuff. But other than logistics, I know nothing about BEA. I literally left it all up to Shannon. Sure I know who I want to see and I made my schedule (copy and pasted), but do I know where it is in the convention center? Nope.

And that's it! Are you impressed? ARE YOU? 
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