Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #54

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Top Ten Authors I Really Want to Meet

And....there's a chance that I will actually meet them. YES I KNOW. I'm super excited because this weekend I am attending Rochester Teen Book Festival. And then in two weeks (!!) I will be traveling to NYC and going to BEA with some fabulous people. So I'll just list authors that I will be meeting (hopefully), and ones I want to meet but may not end up meeting because, oh I don't know.

Authors I'm Planning To Meet Already

Meg Cabot - She has written so many YA books that have gotten me back into loving reading and books, like the 1-800-Where-R-You? series and also The Mediator series. And then I read a couple of her other books here and there, like The Boy Next Door, and also the Heather Wells mysteries. To be honest, I don't like most of her newer works, but she will always remain in my heart as my one true favorite author. And she will be at BEA *cue flailing*

Marissa Meyer - Apparently Marissa will ALSO be at BEA, so that's going to be awesome. I could seriously read ANYTHING she publishes. Her Lunar Chronicles series was just so amazing, I couldn't get enough of it.

Jennifer Niven - After reading All The Bright Places, I saw that she was coming to Rochester, and I got super excited because that book was freaking amazing. AND SHE CAN SIGN IT. YES.

Sarah J. Maas - Also going to be seeing her in Rochester, even though I don't know why anyone would come to this little city, BUT I GUESS YOU ARE so that is fine with me. I also don't care that I've only read Throne of Glass by her, I will make her sign it anyways.

Neal Shusterman - So he's not someone I'm DYING to meet, but I have read Challenger Deep, and thought it was very thought-provoking. I will be seeing him in Rochester! (Sorry Shannon.)

Authors That Are Missing Out On The Awesome Me

Brandon Sanderson - Is this really a surprise? Is it? IS IT? Because if you know me by now, you should know I read only about ALL HIS BOOKS. 

Elizabeth Wein - I WORSHIP HER. And I want to own a mini plane now because of her. I will read anything she writes. ANYTHING. Code Name Verity, Rose Under Fire, and Black Dove, White Raven were all full of feels and heartbreak. And tears. Lots of tears.

Rainbow Rowell - I've read all her books, loved all her books, and I think she's way too popular for me to actually meet her, but maybe one day. ONE DAY.

Garth Nix - I really loved the Abhorsen series, even though I haven't read the last book in the trilogy yet, and maybe one day he would leave Australia. And get me those nice AUS paperback editions. I can dream,

Tamora Pierce - When I was younger, I read EVERYTHING by her. Well almost everything. And this summer I may do a reread! Especially of the Alanna series because I love Alanna :)

What authors would you like to meet? I know some bloggers going to BEA, but show of hands, anyone else going? We should meet up!
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