Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DNF Review: Hold Me Like A Breath

Hold Me Like A Breath by Tiffany Schmidt
Publisher: Bloomsbury 
Release Date: May 19th, 2015
Source: Netgalley
Date Read: DNF
400 pages
Rating: --

Penelope Landlow has grown up with the knowledge that almost anything can be bought or sold—including body parts. She’s the daughter of one of the three crime families that control the black market for organ transplants.

Penelope’s surrounded by all the suffocating privilege and protection her family can provide, but they can't protect her from the autoimmune disorder that causes her to bruise so easily.

And in her family's line of work no one can be safe forever.

All Penelope has ever wanted is freedom and independence. But when she’s caught in the crossfire as rival families scramble for prominence, she learns that her wishes come with casualties, that betrayal hurts worse than bruises, that love is a risk worth taking . . . and maybe she’s not as fragile as everyone thinks.

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Look at that cover. Do you see that cover? Do you?

Now look at my face. Does it look like a happy face? No.

I tried reading this book, I tried. I ended up at around 35%, which is a lot to get through before finally deciding to just stop. I really needed to stop before I literally died of boredom.

Let's see here. Do you know what this book should actually be called? This should be renamed "Penelope's Platelet Counts". Want to know what that is? Well I'll give you the description so that you don't have to read this book. Basically, our MC here, Penelope, has a condition where her "platelets" are much, much lower than everyone else, so much that she bruises so easily and is very fragile and can't do anything for herself because a freakin' car door can bruise her hand. 

So what do we get here. Looking for an intense, thriller featuring THE BLACK MARKET and ORGANS? Then run far, far away from this book. What you'll get instead is Penelope's determination to always bring up her platelet counts, worrying about her platelet counts, and whether she can actually go places. And she can't. She's stuck with her posh family. 

Oh and yeah her brother dies in like the first 15%, and she still only cares about her platelet counts. IS THIS ALL YOU CARE ABOUT. 

I'm sure if I stuck around for longer I would've encountered something else other than platelet counts, but I highly doubt it. So I'm done. Done done done. Read this at your risk. I'm sorry for offending anyone for this review.
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