Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hawaii! A Recap of My Spring Break

Hey guys! I know I have been very, very busy of late, which is kind of why I've been nonexistent in the bloggy world. But I have an excuse! Yes I was in Hawaii this entire week, hence this recap post. As much as I know you all enjoy knowing every detail of my life, I'll try to keep this as short as possible. 

What Happens in Hawaii, Stays in Hawaii!

All of these photos are completely out of chronological order due to photogenic reasons!

Hawaii was basically everything I ever wanted from a vacation, and more. Even though I went with my parents, I still got a cool mixed drink, Hawaiian Blue, which is like a pina colada, but only blue. Other activities included going to an amazing Luau, taking a road trip around the island (only 115 miles), hiking up Diamond Head, a huge crater used during WWII. The view from it was fantastic.

I just loved all the different beaches, and the different activities you could do in Hawaii. Last year, I went to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica with my family, and it wasn't as fun because we just sat there and did nothing. I love to relax, don't get me wrong, but I love experiencing the culture and wildlife even more so.

One of my favorite places we visited was a macadamia nut farm. They let you crack the hard nuts yourself using rocks (I'm told it's the hardest shell out there), and I just kept eating the raw nuts and I couldn't stop. I love macadamia nuts haha.

Oh and I went snorkeling! I swam with all the fishies! My favorite was that fish with a bird beak as its mouth, which is weird, but I'm sure it's called a parrotfish. Ha no wonder. AND TURTLES. Oh I got to see a real life turtle! No I could not touch it that is ILLEGAL. I love turtles.

Then, I tried my now favorite dish of all time, an acai bowl. The fruit on top is a lie, on the bottom is the frozen acai paste and it is literally heaven. I feel like I'm eating frozen yogurt but it is better. (I'm also glad to see that Wegman's has it in stock in Rochester).

Also, guess who mastered paddle boarding? MEEEE

Overall I had a great time, and I'm kind of sad to be back in this cold weather, but HEY it's 40 degrees here! There's even a flood warning due to all the melting snow! I'm glad it was only for 5 days, because at the end there, I was dying due to my sunburn. But still....warmth.
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