Sunday, January 4, 2015

Do You Have Trouble Talking To People About Books?

Because I do. I definitely do. And by people, no, I do not mean book bloggers or readers like you and I, but more of your friends and family that do not sure your feels or your book nerd problems. The ones that may sometimes wander into a bookstore, and pick up the most popular, well-known book of the time, like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or The Goldfinch, Gone Girl, etc. People that don't know what ARCs are and constantly wonder why you have a package from some random person that you don't exactly know in the "real life".

I HAVE THIS PROBLEM. (Hi dad if you are reading this, no I am not complaining about you. This isn't even about you, really.) 

I'm sure all of you guys can relate in one way or another, but since I live in a house with two other girls, some of my conversations usually end up with me being made fun of lightly BECAUSE OF BOOKS constantly being shipped to the house. It's been happening more and more often, because, well I'm constantly tempted by BookOutlet. You know, for example:

  • "Val, you got a package, IS IT ANOTHER BOOK?"
  • "I'm expecting a package, can you pick it up if you're at home?" "Is it a book Val?" "....Yes"
  • "Val I googled your name and I found your book blog" "NOOOOOooooooo"
  • "How many books did you buy?" "OK THIS ONE ISN'T EVEN A BOOK, it's a yogurt maker"
  • "Me and Molly were guessing what was in the package, I guessed books" "Blah...yes it is books."

Yes you guys are great. Thank you so much. Blah.

But anyways, since I know not everyone is a bookworm, do you feel almost restricted or self-conscious to your books? I'm talking about reading one genre over another, but reading so many books that you would love to recommend to someone, but feel weird about it because the book itself is not well known enough. I remember this one time I really wanted to recommend Dangerous Girls to my friend, but HOW DO I EXPLAIN HOW GOOD IT IS TO HER without completely flailing my socks out? How?

And how about those packages. To be honest, I am almost embarrassed to be getting packages from the mail since I feel like my roommates silently judge me, though I'm sure they just like to poke fun at me. But you know, kind of feel self-conscious about it.

How do you feel about this? Do you find it hard to talk to your friends and family about books? Or have they already accepted the fact that you are obsessed?
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