Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #86

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Top Ten Books Underrated Books (With Under 2000 Ratings)

I actually really liked this twist! Because on one hand, there are a couple of books that everyone should definitely read! But then on the other, I had a really hard time find books that actually had under 2000 ratings. Which I guess is a good thing right? Luckily I was able to choose exactly 10 for this TTT.

This list is limited to only books that have already been released.

For anyone that hasn't read The Abyss Surrounds Us, why haven't you? Not only does it feature an f/f romance, but it also has SEA MONSTERS and PIRATES and all that jazz.

Hey look it's Smelly Houses! (Yes I abbreviated, no I am not ashamed). This book brings together four characters all struggling with their own problems. You might think that four POVs is too much, but in this book it works.

Are you ready for the next three books? Because they're all WWII. Yay! And that is Girl In The Blue Coat, Front Lines, and Black Dove White Raven. Other than being set during WWII, all three feature strong, amazing women as main characters. So bam.

I'm not sure why Girl Against The Universe has less than 1000 ratings? I know it's only been a month, but I saw it a lot on Twitter. I'm sure it'll get more over time, because it is one of my favorites.

Beastkeeper is interesting because it's MG, but at the same time I'm not sure it should be Middle Grade. When I read it last year, it was slightly more darker than I expected. But it was still really good, and I don't even read that much MG. Plus it's such a unique take on the Beauty and the Beast story. 

The Adventures of Cinnamon Girl may not be my first Aussie YA, but it is definitely the first I've read that takes place in Australia. So technically it is. And it features baking and comics and maybe the end of the world? Maybe.

If I had a penny for every time I recommended The Machine of Death, I would probably have 10 cents. This Is How You Die is the sequel, though it's not really a sequel, because the only continuation here is the theme. In other words, each short story revolves around this machine that tells you how you die, but not when or where. Basically both anthologies are fantastic and everyone should read them because I said so.

Lastly, there's A Criminal Magic. It features magic, drinking, and the 1920's. I found it to be a fun, fast-paced read, and is currently $2 on Amazon Kindle right now! 

Have you read any of these yet?
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