Saturday, July 2, 2016

An Innocent Life #12: And It's July! Wow!

Man, July is already here and what have I been doing? Nothing. Just kidding I have been playing video games all day. Seriously. I already need a new game because I finished Fallout 4 and I cannot get over it.

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I bought this beautiful new planner from Anthropologie (yes, THAT store that sells super expensive table cloth clothing) because hey, maybe I should get my life organized for graduate school? No but seriously, I couldn't resist this because it's filled with random art on each page. There's one page with cats all over it. CATS! I bought a very nice set of pens that will be coming on Sunday.

I have a lot of goals for July. One is to post at least one new photo on instagram every day. I have unintentionally committed myself to this flower competition between Aentee and I. She's upped me by owning a flower crown, but LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW I WILL GET A FLOWER WREATH OF SOME KIND. At the store. When I go back. (I don't even know what I would do with a flower wreath).

The Make Me Read It Readathon is this month! Okay, emotional Val time. Last year, we had 30 participants sign up. This year we have over 100. I don't know what Ely and I did differently this year (though I suspect we had a couple of amazing cheerleaders), I am just internally crying tears of joy every time I see readers talking about it on Twitter. And making polls on their blog. And just being excited about the whole thing. I love that everyone is having fun with this.

Let's see. I went on a much needed shopping trip today, which resulted in the goodies above. The last few weeks have been spent by the pool, reading, drinking alcohol. Drinking so much beer that I am no longer carded (whoops). I mean come on, would you resist this frozen green deliciousness?

I plan on getting this tomorrow. Again.

Other than that. Not much going on in life. I have officially cut ties with my former residence, because I finally got my security deposit back from my old apartment. One more month before I move to my new apartment! Woo.

Hope everyone had a great June!
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