Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pokemon Go Book Tag: Gotta Read'em All!

Aentee you amazing, awesome person. Thank you so much for creating this tag, because I love it. And all of your graphics are on point, hence why I will be using them all for this tag.

It's no surprise that I am obsessed about Pokemon. I have played pretty much all of the games (until the Nintendo 3DS ones because I don't have that console), and have been following the development of Pokemon Go since forever. Kind of why when I saw it mentioned on Twitter, I was ecstatic. So, since everyone and their mom knows about this game now, I would like to present the Pokemon Go Tag, created by the lovely Aentee @ Read At Midnight

Good question! Do I ever remember? Let's see. When it came to being a young reader, I was introduced to books through the Magic Tree House Series. And then I couldn't stop there. Throughout elementary school, I also fell in love with Inkheart, a book I read multiple times. Then as a young teenager, Meg Cabot brought me back into the world of reading.

I can't believe how many books I read while in elementary school. I vividly remember having a book under my desk while the teacher was teaching (It's not like I understood what was going on anyways, so meh). 
Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I most definitely have to go with The Book Thief here. And then following that the entire Mediator series by Meg Cabot.

Also, has anyone caught a pikachu yet? BECAUSE I HAVE NOT and I AM MAD.
How about the entire Throne of Glass series? Ahahah. To be fair I do have all the books so far, so I'm sure to get to it someday. But I really have lost interest, especially since everyone keeps talking about it on Twitter. And I'm here like "I have no idea what's going on". I also pretend that I haven't been spoiled for anything, but let's be honest I pretty sure I have been.

I hate zubat. I already evolved one into a golbat so what is even the point? And they are so very hard to catch.
I'm seriously starting to forget what the definition of trope is with how many times I hear it nowadays. Er, let me think. I guess I'll copy Aentee here and also say Red Rising. I tend to hate books that use tropes or themes that I have seen before.

Ha. Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. Sure, I read Way of Kings which was 1000 pages, but can I take another 1000 page book? Can I? Maybe I should break it down for myself? I don't know, I need something to motivate me into reading it.

I have seen Snorlaxes (Snorlax?) around at Pokemon gyms, but where can I get my own? Look at its squishy face. I want.

Most recently, The Knife of Never Letting Go, because holy shit.

Normally I wouldn't have an answer to this question, but I have been staying up later and later these past couple of days, just because it is summer. So thank you summer. Also I am pretty close to getting a Gengar. Only 50 more candies to go! *cries*
I do not know if I will ever have another bookish OTP besides them, but hands down Rudy and Liesel from The Book Thief. Yes I know they are children, do I care? NO. Because they DEsERVE EACH oThER! ANd yes I am still in denial thank you very much for asking, no I do not care about what is or is not possible. LEAVE ME BEEE.

I think I am somewhat close to getting a Nidoking, and maybe even a Nidoqueen. I'll have to check. They are surprisingly more common than I thought out here in the real world.
Nevernight! Yes I just finished this, and yes I will be shouting and raving about it all month long because wow. Just wow. You really have to read it and experience it for yourself.
I don't see many spin-offs for series I love, so this is a hard one for me. I guess you could say the companion novels for Code Name Verity. I just very recently found out that Elizabeth Wein is publishing a prequel to it, and I am so very very excited. It's gonna be called The Pearl Thief.

Guess who has all Eveelutions? Me. Thanks to the hack, I was finally able to get a Jolteon! 
I love what Magikarp represents in this tag ahaha. I'm probably going to have to go with The Raven Boys. Mainly because I didn't think I would like anything by Maggie Stiefvater, regardless of the fact that I hadn't read any of her books before then. I just didn't think her Shiver series was for me, which translated to me thinking all her other books wouldn't be for me either. Big mistake.

How is anyone supposed to get 400 Magikarp candies? How?

None! Just kidding. Er, I guess Red Queen? I have the book, which is why I want to read it in the first place. But after seeing so many reactions about the second book, I am a little scared about starting the series. Ah well.
Collector's edition? AH YES. It may not technically be a collector's edition, but I do very much want the 10th anniversary edition of The Book Thief. Someone should gift it to me.

I recently bought the Australian editions of The Abhorsen Trilogy, and I am very much in love.
Wow I guess I have to choose one out of the million that are coming out huh? I will have to go with Wait For Me by Caroline Leech, because WWII!
Stacey Lee. She is the sweetest, and also my mom likes her. (Or more accurately, my mom likes that she's Chinese. No shame mom)

I HATE WHEN THE SERVERS GO DOWN. You would think by now that they would have fixed this issue? But nope they have not. Then again I am really not surprised because what was I expecting.

Let's see. How about Strange The Dreamer? Apparently the release date is being pushed back for it and I am not a happy camper.

There you have it. I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this, or plays Pokemon Go for that matter!
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