Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pokemon Indigo League Readathon!

Aentee you amazing, awesome person. From the moment you mentioned the idea of this readathon, I was already on board with it. Because of course I will be participating. You get to pick your own Pokemon for goodness sakes why would I NOT JOIN.

If you haven't heard, Aentee @ Read At Midnight has again come up with something awesome, the Pokemon Indigo League Read-a-thon! (Or #ReadThemAllThon). You can get all the details here, because it's easier for her to explain haha. I mean basically, you read a certain book that corresponds with each gym in the Indigo League, and you get that badge. And you can level up a certain Pokemon along the way! It starts on August 14th, and ends on September 4th.

(I'm pretty sure that at this point, if you incorporated eating healthy food with Pokemon, I would go along with it.)

As usual, all images were made by Aentee, and I am using them for this post. Oh! Except for the one below because it is my very own TRAINER CARD.

I have chosen Oddish for my Pokemon, because it's final evolution is my favorite :)

As for books I will be reading, here they are!
Instead of started a new to me series, I'm going to be rereading Sabriel by Garth Nix, because I just recently bought it. Plus Goldenhand is coming out soon, and I need to prepare myself for it. (396 pages = +39 CP)
HAHA. If you think you can make me cry, THINK AGAIN. Just kidding. Wait. Maybe I could....reread The Book Thief! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Yes I will do that. (552 pages = +55 CP)
I guess I could read Caraval. I am pretty sure I have read most of the books that I have seen hype for, which is actually surprising now that I think about it? Wow go me. Caraval by Stephanie Garber it is! (416 pages = +41 CP)
I've got this f/f Macbeth retelling, As I Descended by Robin Talley, and I think that would fit this category very nicely. Plus it's Robin Talley. And she's awesome. (384 pages = +38 CP)
But but how am I supposed to know if it is an epic romance or not huh? HUH? I guess I will choose...uh. Can I choose The Song of Achilles for this one? Sure I'm not exactly sure whether it is actually a romance or not, but uh, someone can correct me if it is not I suppose. 
Ah this should be super easy! Let's go with Vassa In The Night by Sarah Porter for this one. 
I don't have many books with red covers actually. Though I do have The Graces by Laure Eve, so that will do! (352 pages = +35 CP)
Er. Um. Wow I really struggled with this one, mainly because I have already read the post-apocalyptic books I was interested in. Anyways, Goodreads said that Steelheart is somewhat in a post-apocalyptic setting, so there we go. (386 pages = +38 CP)

Woo and I am finished. I guess I will also have to somehow keep track of my Oddish's CP, which really is at CP 12 because I just tweeted using the hashtag. I'm sure my Oddish will evolve into a Vileplume in no time!

And unless Aentee comes up with more Pokemon related things, this will probably be the last you'll hear from me about Pokemon. Until September. ;)
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