Saturday, July 9, 2016

An Innocent Life #13: Start Of The Make Me Read It Readathon!

Mostly this post is just to tell you that THE READATHON HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED. It began on July 9th (from 12am, wherever you lived) to July 16th. Half of my books are on my Kindle, but I hope to get to the ones below this week.

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This week, I will be reading the top five books on my poll. Well, more like I will try to. Here are the ones I will be reading, from top to bottom!


Don't forget, you can use the hashtag #MakeMeRead for your progress, or to see how everyone else is doing. I'm actually reading a couple of the same books as some other readers, so it will be fun to discuss!

Again, really happy to see everyone excited for this!

I'm currently back in Boston visiting my friends for vacation (my vacation away from vacation). I don't know why I am always so busy, but I have Pokemon Go to blame for that. If you don't know what Pokemon Go is, it's an app where you can catch Pokemon in the real world! It's been on my radar since 1994, so obviously I am very excited about it.

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Because it's in the real world, I've been walking around a lot outside (surprise). And just hanging out with my friends in general doesn't leave me much time to...well do anything else really. I'll catch up later, one day.

Note: I named some of these Pokemon. No there is no Pokemon named "Krusty Krab"

Anyone else play Pokemon Go?
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