Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #94

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Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR

I used to live in the north, but now here I am in North Carolina, eagerly anticipating sweater weather. But it will never come. Which is fine by me, I suppose, because I really do like warmer weather. Plus I know winter is coming and I don't want that yet.

Even though it doesn't feel like fall yet, I will pretend that it is. Here's my list of books that maybe I will read and get to these next couple of months!

I recently went to see David Arnold at Flyleaf Books, and I got my copy of Kids of Appetite signed! Every one of his books that I have are signed by him now, which is great because I consider him one of my favorite authors. So I will definitely be getting to Kids of Appetite at some point.

Holly has raved about The Female of the Species a ton, which means I will definitely be getting to it at some point. I feel like I've already mentioned this, but oh well.

Shannon absolutely loved Disruption, and I'm sure that I will too. I really am just putting all my faith in my buddies, because I do tend to do that.

I bought the box set, which includes Crooked Kingdom. And that comes tomorrow!

Ah Gemina. I'm still debating as to whether I should buy a finished copy or not. I should if I have the money for it! Or maybe wait until it's on sale somewhere haha.

I am very excited for Replica because it is such an interesting concept, to flip between chapters. How am I supposed to keep track of my reading via Goodreads though? How does that work haha.

Surprise! I actually really liked Magonia! Which is why I will definitely be picking up the sequel, Aerie

And there's also Holding Up The Universe too, because honestly I think I would read anything by Jennifer Niven. I remember her coming to Rochester for the Rochester Teen Book Festival, and back then she wasn't super well known. That was a fun experience.

Iron Cast! I have no idea why I'm drawn to it. Again, Holly loved it and wants me to read it ASAP.

And I just had to pick up Timekeeper, how can you resist the plot line for this? Seriously check out that blurb!

Are you ready for fall? Apple picking? Pumpkin picking? Sweater weather? Presidential elections? (no)
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