Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #91

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Top Ten TV Shows Of All Time

I think I'm just going to do this old school. My brain is far too lazy to come up with a cool topic, and I'm sure I'll visit other blogs and be like "WOW that is such a great twist on the idea, I wish I came up with that!" But nope. You'll have to settle for lame old me!

My latest obsession, and everyone else's, is Stranger Things. There's something about it taking place in the 90's that calls to me.

Oh Bob's Burgers. No surprise that this is on this list at all. I'm pretty much up to date with this show. I even own a couple of Bob's Burger's t-shirts because that's how much I love this show. Also I am Louise. That is all.

Jessica Jones was my most recent obsession before Stranger Things. To be honest, it was a little slow in the beginning. But then I ended up binge watching the last three episodes in a row. It was crazy.

Can't forget Sense8! It was the first full show I watched on Netflix, and restored my faith in Netflix exclusive shows. Not that I didn't have faith before, I just didn't think it had a good reputation.

Ah, Avatar The Last Airbender and Teen Titans were my childhood favorites. I actually had a lot of childhood favorites but those two, and Danny Phantom, influenced me the most.

Lastly, Sherlock was the first live action TV show that I became obsessed with. And this was only in high school too. So that holds a place in my heart even though I don't exactly care much for it anymore. (The hiatuses are just way too long lol).  


To be honest, I don't watch many TV shows. It's hard. I usually stick with anime, or video games. Some of the shows I watch I do like, but I haven't finished. This includes Daredevil, Kimmy Schmidt, The Office, and Psych. It's not my fault my attention span is so short!

Do you recommend any TV shows? Are any of these your favorites?
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