Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #92

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Top Ten All Time Fantasy Favorites

Ha. Top Ten? What? No way will I be able to do this.

I don't think I've read enough books to do a subgenre, and I've already done a list of my favorite WWII books (which is basically all of them), so I think I will not be creative and stick with fantasy.

Oh! I guess this will be pure, fantasy. Not paranormal or supernatural, just fantasy.

Let's start off with my childhood favorite, Inkheart, which I read over and over again in elementary school. If you're interested in what happens when stories are read to life, I think you'll love to this book.
Daughter of Smoke & Bone is what got me reading again in college. And I discovered it through Goodreads! Woo! But seriously, such a good fantasy series.

I got The Night Circus for christmas years ago, and it was everything I wanted and more. Though I might have to reread it because I don't exactly remember what happened, oops.

I just reread Sabriel so I can confirm that yes it is still my favorite and yes it is still amazing.

I spent a whole month reading The Way of Kings, as it is 1000 pages. I loved the readalong that I was a part of, and our Twitter chats, and the fact that we probably spoiled everyone, but no one cared back in the day that we were having our discussions out in the open. (Either that or it wasn't that known of a book hahah)

Anyone who has read A Darker Shade of Magic will know that it is one of the best. Really. I've already preordered the last book, although I don't even know if I want to know how it ends.

Again, another Sanderson read. Mistborn blew my socks off.

Surprisingly, the hype didn't get to me for Truthwitch, though I did read it way before it got super duper hyped up. Which ended up being a good thing, because I liked it a lot!

The only graphic novel on this list! If you haven't read Nimona, what exactly are you waiting for? It's about villains! Shapeshifters! Love! Romance! All that jazz!

Lastly, there is Nevernight. With all the hype since and before its release, I'm sure you need no further convincing to read it.

Are any of these your favorites? Do you like (epic, really) fantasy?
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