Saturday, September 3, 2016

An Innocent Life #16: Grad School!

Hello there!

Huge changes have taken place in my life, and one major one has been the start of my Ph.D. program. You know, the one that by the end of 5 years I'll be a "doctor"? Hopefully I'll still be blogging by then, haha...haha.

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I participated in the #ReadThemAllThon this month! Did I do well? Well, kind of. I did manage to evolve my Oddish into a Vileplume, but more on that later. From this pile, I read two books. Whoops.

I went ham on links this month. Because I am awesome

Tonya @ LilyBloomBooks gives us the skinny on FTC disclosures, like endorsing products on your instagram (or booktube, blog, etc.). She also asks whether you review every book you receive.

Alexa @ Words Off The Page guests posts on Novel Ink, and talks about being Korean American and what that means in regards to mental illness (so relatable to me, and that other post I wrote for #Shattering Stigmas)

Vlora @ Reviews and Cake wrote about whether you like humor in your books featuring mental illness on It Starts At Midnight.

Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books asks whether a character can be TOO relatable. And also whether you like reading books that make you cry (the answer is yes)

Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity wants to know whether you follow blogs with different reading tastes.

Geraldine @ Corralling Books reassures you that forgetting details in books is no big deal. (I mean, if it is a big deal for you, there is always Recaptains!)

Larissa @ Life As Larissa asks whether book blogging is falling out of trend. I don't think it is, I think everyone is still in summer mode, plus school is starting haha.

Chiara @ Books For A Delicate Eternity let's you know that she loves commenting back! (Same here! But when I have time, and not drowning in work. Which is now never)

Aila @ Happy Indulgence wants to know whether you have different ratings for different genres.

And lastly, Ely @ Tea & Titles talks about her disability, and why diverse representation is important in YA books.

Let's see. First off, I just started my grad program in Psych & Neuroscience. More specifically I'm in the Cognitive Program because brains. I have an office that I share with another graduate student, and I also take a couple of classes. I TA as well, because that is where I get my money from. You know, the money to buy food, books, a cat.

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Surprisingly, it was easy to adopt at the animal shelter. Plus there was a deal where I could pay any amount of money I wanted for said cat, and any adoptable animal. I did end up splurging a little bit on the tracking device, the bed, the very expensive cat litter because Shannon told me that the cheap stuff does NOT work (Thanks Shannon!). Honestly, I would have gotten a dog, but I have no time at all, and I rather not spend my time worrying about not being home all the time.

So yeah! Overall I think grad school is the perfect choice for me, but then again the real work hasn't started. I'll probably get by somehow. 

How has your August been? Any plans for Labor Day Weekend? I HAVE PLANS HAHA. Any plans for September in general?
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