Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #81

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Top Ten 2015 Releases I Forgot To Read In 2015

I think I did a really good job at keeping up with 2015 releases! Especially since my library had an excellent selection of them all, which surprised me a lot when I first visited. Yet even with saying this, there were some 2015 books that I so badly wanted to read on release day, but it never happened. Maybe I will get to them this year!

I read These Broken Stars, and also This Shattered World, and I was doing so well with reading them around their release date, but I didn't with Their Fractured Light! I even had it shipped on the day it came out! So I don't know what happened here, whoops.

WINTER. I just don't have the book yet, but I will try to get my hands on it! Then I will finally know how everything ends!

Yes Holly, yes I know. I will probably borrow The Heart of Betrayal from the library, as I did with The Kiss of Deception. I'm sure I will not regret reading it hahah. I heard this one was even better than than the first book.

I actually had Red Queen around the release date, but after mixed reviews, I held off on it. Maybe I should read this.

I started Ink & Bone, but then I couldn't finish it in time for Winter Break, meaning I had to go drop it back off at the library. I'm not even sure if I WANT to continue reading it, which isn't good!

I have been meaning to read The Weight of Feathers, but I wasn't able to get a copy until ALA! So I'll have to read that sometime this year!

Uprooted, the hype was strong in this one. Even so, I need it in my life. Maybe I will also read this in the library.

I had an eARC of The Immortal Heights. But did I read it? No. Bad Val. It will happen. Because I do like the series, and I have come so far already.
The Darkest Part of the Forest was all the way from January 2015 (so long ago!), that I almost forgot that I wanted to read it. Now? I'm not so sure. I might still give it a try, maybe.

Oh I almost forgot ACOTAR! Hype was big for this one too! I was planning to preorder it, but then it never happened (??) I think I made too many excuses for myself, oh well.

Is it common for you to preorder books than never read them? How many 2015 releases have you not read?
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