Sunday, January 17, 2016

An Innocent Life #3: ALAMW 2016, Christmas, And The New Year

So this post is up a little late, but that's okay! Classes actually just started this week, and I wouldn't say I'm stressed already, but I do have a lot of things to do that aren't even class related.

Usually, Christmas isn't anything special for me, but this year, so many people made it the best.

I got two care packages, one from Holly, and the other from my secret sister, which I now know as Sara @ A Gingerly Review. My Mistborn collection is now complete (and I still need to read Hero of Ages), and so is my duology of Pivot Point! And Funko Pops! Yay!

For my birthday, I got a number of books as well, from Shannon, Nori, and Rashika! Look at the pretties!

Right after my birthday, I attended ALAMW 2016 in Boston, where I met a lot of people. First off, Nori stayed with me from Friday to Sunday. With her, we also met up with MC @ Blame the Books. We spent most of the time together, walking around the three rows of YA booths (lol), taking trips to my car to drop off books, and getting lunch. Other bloggers I hung out with were Melissa @ Live, Love, Read, Molly @ Innocence Walker, Brittany @ Brittany's Book Ramble, and also Meredith @ Pandora's Books. I also loved getting to know Laura Tims, author of Please Don't Tell, who crashed our dinner at the Daily Catch!

The main difference I saw from BEA was that everything was much more chill. Authors could wander around without getting swamped, and along with ARC drops, you could also ask for any ARC that was displayed on the display shelf in a booth. There were also barely any schedules for anything other than author signings and panels.

Anyways, here is the huge haul. Good thing I'm getting rid of most of them.

The New Year is actually turning out to be a really good start for me, including the new semester. This year, I plan to not stress myself with things that aren't even in my control, and also not to work too hard in classes and the like. 

This year, one of my classes is yoga-based. But more meditative, and I love it. Even though I've only taken one class, I can tell that I will be learning a lot from it. I'm excited for the other classes too, but I'm in that phase where it's my last semester of senior year, and I just cannot care much anymore. One of my classes prepares you for grad school applications, and I'm like "Why didn't I take this last year when I was actually applying to grad schools?" But oh well.

Other than that, nothing much has happened? Planning to go to Shannon's house again sometime soon! 
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