Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Secret Life of the American Blogger

Keyword here is secret! And what the heck I have to reveal all my secrets AGAIN? Thanks to Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight for tagging me in this. Unlike you Shannon, I have never even heard of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Nope. Wait, was this tag even based off of that? Hm. Anyways, off I go to confess. (Also, I was born in

How Long Have You Been A Blogger?
I guess as a book blogger, I have been blogging since December 2013. However when it comes to the infamous Tumblr, I've been reblogging since 2010. So even though I technically had five years of blogging experience, I wasn't exactly talking about my life on my Tumblr blog, but more of reblogging all the cute photos and the hilarious text posts. Though I'm going to be honest and say I don't go on much anymore because 1) I have no more time and 2) I'm not really a fan of how it's evolved over the past couple years.
Not amused
At What Point Do You Think It Will Stop? 
The heck kind of question is this? I guess if I were being truly honest, I feel like I would slowly stop blogging and then just disappear. Maybe. I don't know. I do have a lot of friends that support me, so I think I would stop blogging if all of my friends stopped blogging as well. Unlike Shannon, I am bad at continuing to do things. So I would seriously be impressed if I kept blogging for, 5 years or so.

What Is The Worst Thing? What Do You Do To Make it Okay?
The worst thing? Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car. Or something even worse? Losing someone close to me. Or just change in general, after a long period of stability.

What I do to make it okay? Cry. Then call the Emergency Roadside Assistance.
Long for the past. When things were simple. Then try to move on and look towards the future. 

How Long Does It Take You To Find/Create Pictures To Use?
Forever. Literally. I will never make my 12AM deadlines for post if this keeps up. Oh look at that it's 11:46PM and I have yet to make a graphic and find all the gifs. Exhibit A right here!

Who Is Your Book Crush?
As of now, probably Noah from The Raven Boys.

What Author Would You Like To Have On Your Blog?
It's going to have to be a tie between Brandon Sanderson and Meg Cabot. Though let's be honest I would flail and froth at the mouth if such a thing ever happened.

What Do You Wear When You Write Your Blog Posts?
Absolutely nothing. NAKED. Just kidding. I usually blog at night, so most likely shorts and a tank top? Unless it's during the Winter, which means 500 blankets. And one Ollie the dog.

How Long Does It Take You To Prepare?
Prepare for what? What kind of context is this? Prepare for work? Classes? Bed? Blogging? Dog walking? I would say 30 minutes maximum for all of those. Ha.

How Do You Feel About The Book Blogging Community?
Interesting question. I have never really explicitly stated how I feel about the community right now. Though I can say that I follow the blogs of all my friends, and I mostly follow only my friends on Twitter, so if I do end up hearing about some sort of drama, I hear about it indirectly.

If I were to be truthful (because I always am), I like how there's so much discussion about all sorts of topics in the community (Controversial or not). However, I don't like the fact that sometimes the drama blows up into something huge and negative, especially when it involves threats.

What Do You Think One Should Do To Get A Successful Blog?
Just do whatever you want. And try to improve constantly, whether it's graphics, writing, design, etc. This why you're never bored, and you're basically competing with yourself. I like to compare myself and my blog between now and the past, and I have to say, my content, layout, and posts now are 10000% better than it was before.

I Would Like To Tag All The Canadians

And anyone else who wants to do this :) 

No idea whether you have to be American or not. HA 
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