Sunday, September 27, 2015

And I'm Back!

See? It's as if I was never gone at all!

Though I say this, and yet a lot of things happened while I was off studying, kind of, or doing whatever I was doing to get by. But first, let me start off with how I did on the HUGE test on Friday!

Let me be honest, as the day came creeping closer to the 25th, I got more and more nervous about how I would do. After multiple practice tests, I learned that the first sections of testing (this is standardized testing, so multiple choice for both Quantitative and Verbal) predicted whether you would get the harder or the easier version of the second section. Since I usually do so well on the first, more easier sections of both subjects, I would get an incredibly harder section later. This felt so evil for me, because I felt punished for doing so well in the beginning.

Luckily, all the worrying was FOR NAUGHT, because I rocked it! I basically got the same Quantitative score as I got on my practice exams, which I was fine with. But what really surprised me, was that my Verbal score skyrocketed. HOW DID I GET SO GOOD AT FREAKING ENGLISH? (Says the Native English Speaker). Ha. Haha.

So to sum it up, all of that is over with. The scores I got were much better than I thought I would get, which means I am never taking another standardized ever again. I'm pretty sure.

As you all know, I've been gone from blogging for awhile, and this mini hiatus has really made me think about my blogging. Which is why I made a list!

1. Sometimes I find commenting a chore, and I hate that! I really want to comment honestly on a blog, like reading the whole post, reading posts that TRULY interest me, and then posting comments that actually invoke discussion. This is why we starting blogging in the first place, right? At least for me, blogging is a way to discuss with other readers, and I want to be able to do that. That's why I'm planning to include (or try to) at least one question for each comment I post. And even if I end up not going back to that post, at least the blogger will get to interact with my comment!

2. I'm not sure if I'm the only one feeling this, but I feel as if a lot of things go down in the book blogging community. It's not necessarily always a bad thing, but it's made me want to blog about it. I usually keep far, far away from any controversial topic, but now I'm starting to become more and more curious as to what the community (or at least my readers, yes you guys!) think. And because of that, I am discussing a sort of feature/theme post between my friends and I (Holly, Shannon, and Amber, though I don't know who will be participating between those three), about doing some sort of controversial topic once in awhile. I'm not sure what it will contain yet (my opinion, etc.), but I am looking forward to working out the little details about it.

3. This also leads me to think about my own posting schedule in general. So far, at least before my studying, I've been doing somewhat fine with posting 4-5 times a week. But unfortunately, some days I was just grasping for some sort of content to post, and that just really sucked out all the fun of blogging for me. So I think I'm just going to try to post, but if I honestly can't think of anything, then I'm likely to not post anything at all. I'm hoping that doesn't end up being the case though, because I've been thinking a lot about blogging while I was *supposed* to be studying. Whoops.

But yeah, that's a pretty good summary of all my thoughts, and what's happened education wise.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that wished me luck on my exam! I'm incredibly happy to be back, blogging AND commenting. 

I also started fresh on my Bloglovin', so I'll be focusing on the latest blog posts rather than going through all the ones I missed. But if there's a post you want to share with me, just leave it in the comment below, or tweet me!
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