Monday, September 14, 2015

Mini Two Week Hiatus

Uh oh, it seems like I'll be joining all the other bloggers taking hiatuses this month (Believe me, I have seen many, sadly). But don't worry! It's only until the 25th, and that's because:

1) I'm still getting used to my normal class workload and more importantly
2) I'm studying for the GRE, which I will be taking on the 25th of the September. 

I have been studying for it for the past two weeks, and it's really been eating away at my blogging and reading time. But since the GRE is coming up soon, I'm going to be hardcore studying for it. And unless someone wants to take my place when testing comes (and get a perfect score for me), I have negative time to schedule posts. Sad face.

However, I still will be hanging out on Twitter, focusing on commenting, and also be posting my review of Steam by Stacey Rourke, because it is the one blog tour I signed up for. That will be going up Thursday.

I also want to note that after the GRE, I will still be quite busy, especially with all the grad schools I have to apply for (I'm aiming towards 8). I have to write out all my personal statements/statement of purpose before December, so that's going to be fun. 

Anyways, I do hope that Sept. 26th comes quickly, so I can stop studying for this thing. Gah.

Thanks for always supporting me guys :3
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