Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BEA Recap: I'm No Longer a BEA Virgin

(I think this is the most brilliant post title I have ever come up with HA. Kudos to you brain.)

I'm sure most of you know, but I recently attended BEA with my two lovely (but weird) blogger friends, Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight and Holly @ The Fox's Hideaway.

BEA was a blast. It was everything I wanted and more. I wasn't super excited at first because I was afraid of all the stress that would ensue from all the books, but in reality BEA was much more chill than I thought it would be (after Truthwitch of course, there was a mad rush for that). Instead of bombarding you with ALL THE INFO, I will be listing what I have learned about BEA and my BEA highlights! So you can relive it through me, haha.

1. BEA is 1/8 receiving books, and 7/8's waiting. 
These are true calculations. But seriously, don't go to BEA expecting no lines at all, because that's not going to happen. Even a line to the exhibit hall forms (Though it IS UNOFFICIAL, I'm sure Shannon will talk about this in her recap ha) I actually didn't mind the waiting, because I talked to so many people.

2. Bring a butt pillow. 
They were handing out these foam shields for a Rick Riordan book, and that was my lifesaver. I even brought it with me on the next day because it saved me from a lot of butt pain. 

  • Another use of this shield is to hit Holly and your friends with it. It's a lot of fun. 
3. Staring at BEA passes is awkward, but totally acceptable. 
These hang around your neck on a lanyard and go a little below the chest area (at least it's not the boob area!). So many people are looking at your chest for your name and blog that it's not even weird.

4. End up starring in a Booktuber's video. 
I met Molly in line for the exhibits, and I got filmed. I wonder if I will end up in her video. HA. But she was awesome, and along with her I met and talked to a BUNCH of bloggers and librarians and just everyone. AT BEA YOU WILL TALK TO SO MANY PEOPLE. IT IS FUN.

5. Wake up at 5:45 just to get a Meg Cabot autographing ticket. 
And it is so worth it. I went to BEA just for her. Well not really, but mostly for her.

6. Meet ALL the Authors! 
Or at least try to. I personally met with and got my books signed by Katie McGarryMeg Cabot, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, Sandy Hall, Adi Alsaid, Eleanor Herman, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sara Raasch, and Susan Dennard. (DID I MISS ANYONE?)

7. You think you know all your blogger friend's faces, but you don't. 
Here are some of the people I met while BEA! Jessica @ Bookish Serendipity, Xander @ Forever Bookish, Nori @ ReadWriteLove28, Summer @ Bluesky Shelf (who didn't realize who I was), Nicole @ The Quiet Concert, and Rashika @ The Social Potato! And I also went to a BLOGGER MEETUP DINNER. So a lot of bloggers there too :)

8. Play nicely with your roommates. 
THEY TORTURED AND HARASSED ME. THOSE EVIL BLOGGERS SHANNON AND HOLLY. Though seriously they kept the hotel room at like 60F!! WHO DOES THAT. Just kidding I love them so much and I'm so sad we only got to spend 4 days together. I MISS YOU GUYS.

9. Don't worry about missing galley drops, there are plenty of opportunities. 
I didn't think I would get all the books I wanted, but I did because most of the books make multiple appearances throughout BEA. I literally won BEA because my haul was just the right number. I also nearly doubled the amount of books I owned today! (On the other hand, Shannon had to haul 62 books from the hotel to the bus station)

10. I had lots of fun, and it made me sad that it's now all over. 
I spend almost half a year planning all of this and putting it together with Shannon and Holly. AND NOW IT'S ALL OVER.  

Honestly, I completely understand WHY people go back to BEA. It's so much fun and for the amount of books I got, it pays off! If I divide my total costs with the number of books I got, I end up figuratively spending about $14 a book, which is as if I bought all the books myself (Why did I even go to this event LOL). Just kidding, I got my books signed and met new bloggers and authors and that was worth it all. 

The bad news is, is that I won't be able to go to BEA in Chicago next year. The dates are earlier in May, and it's when I'll be graduating from college. AND AS MUCH AS I WANT TO GO, I cannot skip graduation :(


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