Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

So I am stealing this tag. Okay not "stealing" stealing, but doing it without being tagged, that's what I mean! This was originally created by Tiffany @ About To Read, and because I had nothing else ready for Thursday, this is what I decided on. SO ENJOY. Plus it's Cinderella, who doesn't love Cinderella? 

Evil Stepsisters: a book with characters you just hate
Let's talk about the last two books I recently read, or DNFed in this case. Well, I'll just focus on Between the Notes, because the main character pretty much used her next door neighbor (love interest) when she needed him, and then refused to be seen with him since he was poor. No. Her friends weren't great either though.

Prince Charming: a book with a gentleman
Oh man this is hard. How about Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic? Even Rafi from The Storyspinner is turning out to be quite the gentleman. Kind of.  

Cinderella: a character that is graceful, kind, and defiant
Would I be cheating if I put down Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles? Hahahah. OH and also Vin from Mistborn.

Fairy Godmother: a character that always has someone looking out for them
I guess Aileana has Kieran to look out for her in The Falconer. But honestly most main characters have someone looking out for them! Even in More Happy Than Not, Aaron has both Genevieve and his mother looking out for his well-being.

Helpful Creatures: something that makes you happy when you’re sad
Like in real life? Like video games? LIKE OLLIE MY DOGGY?

Ashes: a book you didn’t care for
It's only the next big thing apparently, Seeker.

Pumpkin: a character with a transformation
Uh uh uh. I'm tempted to put Seraphina, but she doesn't technically count I suppose. Oh Iola from The Burning Sky can turn into a bird, but that's only because of magic. In Grasshopper Jungle characters started turning into MAN EATING GRASSHOPPERS, does that count?

Impossible: a book with an ending you didn’t see coming
Can I just change this to plot twist? Because Made You Up had an amazing one. And so did More Happy Than Not

Just Breathe: something that inspires you to be courageous
I'm not sure if courageous is the right feeling, but Mosquitoland inspired me to, I don't know, I guess go into the world with less worries? 

Happily Ever After: a book with a perfect ending
NOTHING. NO BOOKS DESERVE HAPPY ENDINGS. JUST SAD PITIFUL ONES. OH I thought of one, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

And now for the tags!

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