Monday, February 15, 2016

An Introduction To A Wonderful Two Weeks Of WWII

I don't know if you all know by now, but Ely @ Tea & Titles and I have spent a lot of time planning and working on this event, and even then we couldn't get everything we wanted in (due to traveling, working, classes, etc.) BUT, even with saying that, I can say that this will definitely be a success. You know why? Because I love learning about WWII. I love featuring books about WWII. I love movies about WWII. And above all, I love it when others love WWII as well. Which you will definitely see a lot of during the next two weeks.

You may ask why I am hosting such an event. And why this entire thing is based off of Anne Frank. First off, I really enjoyed Anne's story. When I read The Diary of A Young Girl, she really touched my heart. Throughout her hiding, she grew as a woman, discovering her voice and herself, especially as a writer. And this is no spoiler, but it is devastating to see it all end for her so suddenly. Her life was tragically cut short.

Therefore, my reasoning for loving the stories of WWII so much is, to sum it up, the feels. I'm often touched by characters in WWII fiction, they sacrifice so much to survive or protect the ones they love. It's heartbreaking, but a good kind of heartbreak. One that makes you think and reflect, especially when some of these stories may not have been so fictional.

So with that, I really hope you end up enjoying the posts I have planned! There will be reviews, WWII lists, giveaways, movie reviews, recommendations, all featured by some amazing bloggers that have helped out with the event, by me, and also by Ely. These will be taking place both on my blog, and also Ely's blog. So please, if you love WWII as much as all of us, feel free to check out all the posts!

There will be a US/International giveaway which will be running throughout the event. Since I am opening it up internationally, the giveaway will have multiple winners! If you are one of the five winners, you will be sent one of these five books! (So the first winner will get to choose, the second will get to choose from what's remaining, the third, and so on)

Here it is! Sorry it is so incredibly long, I hope you find some new blogs from this :)

Lastly, there will be a hashtag #AnnexEntries on Twitter to let you browse all the posts! 

And with that, I hope you enjoy what's to come!
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