Saturday, February 6, 2016

An Innocent Life #4: Grad School Interviews & Instagram

Another week closer to the end of winter, am I right?

So technically, there isn't anything new going on in life, I guess the only thing being the fact that I made a new instagram. So yes, it is innocent.smiley! I only have three images, but that is better than none!

Here is my favorite (out of the three I posted, lol)

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I also got plenty of books in the month of January, which is why I am on a book buying ban for the rest of the year, pretty much. I'm trying to save money up for BEA in May!

I bought four books from Kayla's book sale, because why not. And although Shannon did steal Every Breath and Every Word from me (darn you Shannon), I ended up getting Splintered and Unhinged, completing that trilogy since I bought Ensnared in December (It was only $5 on Amazon, okay?). And then I also bought The School For Good and Evil and A World Without Princes, because why not.

January was the last month for #otspsecretsister, and Sara @ A Gingerly Review sent me Dreams of Gods & Monsters, which I read and loved. Plus it was the first series I finished in YEARS (I am so bad at finishing series, I have no idea why). And she also sent me The Well of Ascension from the Mistborn series! I love Mistborn. Love love love. Along with a bunch of other goodies as well.

So I have been wanting to share links from posts I loved for awhile now, no thanks to Shannon, and finally to Nori who convinced me even further to do so. I know I did this maybe once in the past, but then stopped for some reason. So let's see how long this will last!

Ely & Michelle @ Tea & Titles are hosting Bookentine 2016! A readathon of contemporary and romance novels!

Holly @ The Fox's Hideaway hosts the 100 recap chat between Shannon and Amber (and sometimes never me)! I have no idea which episode this is, because I pretend to know what's going on when I really don't.

Alexandra @ Literary Legionnaire asks whether endings HAVE to involve epilogues. Is it really necessary to always have closure? (I love my closure, so I would probably say yes hahahahhah)

Mel @ The Daily Prophecy makes a list of things to do without the internet (gasp), which stems from her own experiences

Sunny @ A Splash of Ink reflects on reading aloud her own work (!!!)

Soo, one week until my grad school interview. And that will be next Friday, but on Thursday I actually have to fly out to North Carolina. If it all goes well, it may be where I will be heading next year? I really hope I am not jinxing anything because as you all know by now (I am sure), I really want to go to grad school there. I've already practice my answers to potential interview questions many times, so hopefully all goes well *crosses fingers*

Also, notice the new font? I've been planning to change it forever, but never could find a good well until now. I have always been really picky about the font of the actual text of the blog. I want to make it readable, but also cool! So I settled on this one.

What else? Oh CommentLuv finally works on IntenseDebate (the commenting system on my blog) in that the little heart image FINALLY SHOWS UP next to the checkbox. I don't know what caused this change, but I am glad. This is just me fangirling over something stupid, don't mind me.

Lastly, JANUARY WAS OVER. I would say that my favorite book of the month was Nimona. My least favorite book was probably Wink Poppy Midnight

I tried a CHEESE. This was my first time trying Goat Cheese, and I really liked it! And I have an idea of what book I could pair that up with, so be on the lookout for that in the future! I might add the cheese recommendation either to the end of the review, or to this recap post. We'll see!

Thanks for reading! How was your January?
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