Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where Are All My Books? [+ Game]

This topic came to me while I was writing up my TTT post of most read authors. Since I relied on Goodreads statistics, I noticed that up to high school, there is no evidence of me reading. But it's not because I haven't been reading (that would be a huge lie), but mostly because I was a youngun' at the time, and even now I don't remember the books I've read. Or when I read them.

All throughout elementary school, I was constantly reading. I used to order a ton of books from those book orders (Does anyone else remember those? Best days of the year.) But other than that, I didn't have a need for physical books. My sources of books came from:
  • The school library: Every school has a library, with a diverse collection of books. In my elementary school the books were divided up into Young Readers, Picture Books, and Middle Grade. This doesn't even include the autobiographies and non-fiction.
  • The regular library: I often visited the libraries in town to borrow books. I'm sure I got my first library card in first grade. It was very official.
  • The classroom library: Did anyone else have this? Books in baskets around the classroom rug? I would always pick books up from there to read during class. Though I distinctly remember avoiding Sarah, Plain and Tall, because it just sounded oh so boring.  
Did you know I do not own one single Harry Potter book? I actually ended up borrowing them all from the library instead of buying them. Fun story, my mom actually hid Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because she came to the conclusion that it was getting in the way of my education and ruining my life (It was, and it did). But anyways.

 Why I Didn't Add These Books To GR
It's true, I've read the Harry Potter series, and most of the Magic Tree House series, and tons of Meg Cabot books that I won't even bother listing out. But the reason they aren't on my GR shelf is because book amnesia. I rather reread all the Tamora Pierce books I've read, because I loved them so much as a child, and then add them on Goodreads. Plus, how am I even supposed to rate these books if I don't remember what happened in them?

As someone who hates clutter, I've opted to not add books I read a long, long time ago to my shelf. What about you? Do you just add away without a rating? Or are you waiting to reread the book as well?

Even Now I Have Maybe 60 Books Total
And that seems so little compared to everyone else! I mean, even before BEA, which was only a couple months ago, I had around 30 physical books. Though I used to have a ton of books as a kid, those have now been donated and given away to others.

As of now, most of the books read are from the library and Netgalley or Edelweiss. I've only gone on a couple of book buying sprees (which usually amounted to $20 at a time), and remember one of my 2015 New Year's Resolution was to preorder one book every month? That stopped around April. Oops. 

But anyways, onto the minigame!  

The Game
So this game is more of a help to me than to you. You see, I remember distinct parts from books I read when I was younger. But I'm not so certain where I read it. SO the objective of the game is to guess the title of the book for each plot line (in the comments below)! Let's see whether you're brushed up on MG and Children's books!

Disclaimer: I don't know which books they are for certain, but if I look up the title I might be able to recognize the cover. ALSO, each participant gets one imaginary cookie.

1. The main character fell from the boat but ended up being saved by a dolphin.
2. Mitochondria was involved.
3. This woman disguised herself as a man to enlist in the way (Civil War, I think). When she was found out, she was told to present herself in a dress to be glorified and praised.
4. One sister had the plague, and the other went on an adventure to find a cure to save her.
5. A worm who could eat words

Did you get any of them? Or do you have absolutely no idea? Can you think of any plots that you remember reading about but not the book title?
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