Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Initial Impressions Tag

After much thought and discussion (More like discussing then forgetting about it), Holly, Shannon, Amber, and I have come up with this tag on your first impressions on specific bloggers, if you can remember them of course! We always thought it would be fun to see what other bloggers used to think of us, and whether any of those impressions have changed over time! Hence, this idea of a tag came to be, and it's not until now that we decided to finally go forward with the idea.

The Rules:
1. Choose a couple of bloggers that you remember your first impression of from when you first started following them or discovered their blog!
2. Talk about your first impression of them! And whether your impression of them has changed! (Or not, I've always thought Holly was evil)
3. Tag tag tag! You can also tag the bloggers you wrote about as well. 
4. Don't forget to thank the person who tagged you! 

Let's talk about this weirdo. I'm 99% sure I discovered her blog through the Top Ten Tuesday meme, and back at that time it was still known as "Part of That World", or something like that. I also used to get her blog confused a lot with Shay @ The Story Goes... because at that time of them had dark themes.

Anyhow, the reason we became friends is only because I commented on a post saying "I would be your friend!", in a non-creepy way. Apparently Holly thought I was the weirdo (when clearly she's the one), but still checked out my blog anyways.

And now, I'm really glad that we're friends. I still think she's weird though. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks that.
I think I may have met Shannon through Holly, but I don't remember when or HOW we started being friends. However, I did know about her blog before our friendship started, at least I'm pretty sure. Honestly, both me and Shannon have no clue as to how we met.

Though it looks as if my earliest comment (maybe) on her blog is from a TTT. So maybe that is the case?

I sadly do not remember if I had any first impressions of her blog. I'm sure I did not think that she had it together. OH. But I did really like her banner at the time! IT WAS CYAN and it had STARS. And oh boy this is all coming back to me now! I also really loved her blog name. Well I still love everything now too! 

Amber @ Young Adult Indulgences
I am 100% sure that I met Amber through Holly. Why? I don't know. I guess it was just meant to be hahaha. Anyways, my initial impression, and an impression that has stuck with me to this day, is that her face is the cover of Free to Fall. She has not once CHANGED her Twitter profile photo, and therefore from now on I will always associate her to THAT FACE.

Also, I think one of my first comments was on her We Were Liars post, though I can't be sure. You can't search through comments on either Blogger or Wordpress.

The Social Potato was actually an inspiration for me to start book blogging. I discovered it BEFORE I even had a blog, and I just thought that Faye and her co-bloggers were famous and untouchable, seeing as how many reviews they had and how many comments they had too. Then, I had the opportunity to join their Way Of Kings readalong, which I mainly joined because I wanted to be friends with Faye. And of course I ended up loving Brandon Sanderson.

Now, I talk to Faye a lot since she invited me to her Blogger chat! And I've met tons of other bloggers and readers from there. And of course they're all international except for me. But that's besides the point haha. 

SO I know that Ely used to be on A Book So Fathomless, but I'll just feature her new blog for now. ELY IS AWESOME. We have been commenting back and forth on each other's blogs for some time now. But I don't think it was until recently that we started SERIOUSLY talking, which was when I told her that she should post her WIP on her blog, resulting in her sending me part of a scene she had just written (It was marvelous). I don't think I really had a first impression of her, though I do remember watching one her book haul videos, and just LOVING her accent. 

Also, it looks like I've known her since May 2014! Look at that. I mean she did tag me in a tag, so yes. I am special.

Of course, you can still do this if you aren't tagged! I consider everyone reading this tagged anyways!
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