Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's Time To Admit That I Like Writing

You know, I tend to reserve Thursdays for fun posts like tags and discussions, but I have run completely out of ideas! Of course, I definitely want to come up with some original features, but since I'm not exactly too good at coming up with unique ideas, for today I've decided to stick with talking about my life.

So, for today, I will be talking about writing! Well, my take of it.

Ever since kindergarten, my mom has raved about how I was an exceptionally good writer. I wrote a lot, journals, stories, made up randomness that I recently looked back on and wondered "what the heck was going on in my head when I was a young'un?" The truth was, I hated writing. I didn't get it. How did people enjoy forming strings of words together? How do you portray what you're thinking accurately on paper? To me, writing was torture. I just couldn't "English". And I didn't understand how people liked it.

Now, to my mother's excitement, I don't mind writing. I enjoy writing about myself, and I especially enjoy sharing it with the world. I loved being able to analyze a book, discussing what I did or didn't like about it, or what was so incredibly amazing about it (even though I do end up not talking about the book but rather just "flailing" about it. Haha.) 

However, when it comes to creative writing and writing fiction, that's a whole other story. "How do people do it?", I ask myself. "How do you just put together a plot, put it down on paper, and write it all out?" I wish I knew all the secrets of writing, of coming up with ideas and being original, of forming coherent sentences that show what's going on clearly, and of creating realistic yet beautiful conversations between characters. Oh and characters. How do people even come up with well-developed characters so easily? But this is all another story.

I'm sure everyone else has encountered the obstacle of being intimidated by writing a novel or story, and I'm sure plenty of people have finished writing and editing their masterpiece, and think that it's a piece of cake. Well, this summer, I want to try writing. And I don't mean blog writing or journal writing. I want to WRITE A BOOK. Or a short story. Or something fiction. It's my next challenge, to prove that hopefully even I, an almost but not quite native speaker of English (who can't remember exactly when and where certain idioms are used, resulting in awkward phrases) can write and finish (hopefully) a fictional story. 

I used to admit I wasn't interested in being an author. I used to admit I would never write fiction unless forced. But then again, I used to admit that I hated writing. And look at me now, writing blog posts almost everyday, and enjoying it. 

Seriously, the book blogging world is changing my view on writing, and I guess that's a good thing right?  
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