Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Read Play Blog: Preferred Console

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What is your preferred gaming platform? 

This is actually a really hard question, because I played a lot of different platforms over the year. I first started out my gaming experience on a Gameboy Advance SP, when I was an 11 year old. It was a great, but emotional time for me, because my mom would often get super pissed off whenever I was playing it, and would take it away from me for months at a time (we do not talk about this time). 

And then, I somehow convinced her to buy me a PS2, you know for exercise aka Dance Dance Revolution. I actually used to be an expert at that game, but since the franchise wasn't popularized for the PS3, I'm a little rusty. 

I even bought my own Nintendo DS! You know, for all those Ace Attorney games.

But if I had to pick between the four consoles I own, along with the PC, I would have to say that PS3 is the way to go. And here's why:
  • Tons and tons of games. I used to think the PS2 had a huge variety of games, but there are even more in this generation! They are still coming up with games now, even though the PS4 is already out (Like Destiny, which one day will be mine)
  • Advantages over the Xbox -- I don't have to pay for playing online (not that I really do), it can play blu-ray discs, and other things I can't think of at the moment.

  • The controller fits in my small hand perfectly ;D
Yeah, but that's pretty much it. I will forever stick to Playstation, and I will one day own the PS4, when the price drops to $300 (haha, ha, ha)

Currently Playing: Bioshock Infinite!

This Month's Recommendation: Bioshock, only because I just finished it and WOW. Like sure it is super duper creepy, but Rapture, the city under the sea, is so fascinating. Too bad everyone went mad on human modifications.

Anyways, the premise of the game centers around the time period of FDR, and how this man, Andrew Ryan, created this city under the sea in order to unleash man's potential without running into anything legal. 

But it is incredibly scary. In my opinion. I just went straight to Infinite rather than playing Bioshock 2 because I seriously need a break!

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