Friday, August 22, 2014

Read Play Blog: Favorite Gaming Genres!

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

So even though I'm a month late, and it's not the 16th, I've decided to hop on Jeann's new meme that combines books AND video games together! This is technically the second post of hers, and I haven't been able to come up with a post until now. So I guess I'll just leave these until the 22nd of each month? Sound good?

Today's Topic: What is your favorite gaming genre?

I play a ton of games, ranging from the PS3, to the Nintendo DS, or the Gameboy Advance SP. So, let me just tell you my two favorite genres. Yes, I can't even narrow it down to one. Sorry not sorry.

Let's start with the first :D Be prepared!



I absolutely loved all of the Professor Layton games for the Nintendo DS. This is literally full of puzzles, PUZZLES ARE EVERYWHERE, be warned! I have grown to be wary of the line Professor Layton always comes up with "This reminds of a puzzle", and then BAM, another puzzle based on an APPLE. All of the games in this series is point and click, and the story behind each mystery is beyond amazing!

ACE ATTORNEY! I have fallen in love with every single character from all the games, except for Dual Destinies because I can't play it. This is a game based on logic, contradictions and figuring out the truth. It all takes place in either the courtroom, or at the crime scene. It is also a point and click game, as in you don't use the arrows to control the character. ALSO, it features hilarious lines such as this:

NOTICE: Ace Attorney does not portray the process of a real courtroom case, unfortunately

Then there's Portal 2, which I also loved so much because of Wheatley and potato GLaDOS! Oh, and don't forget to mention that the puzzles in it involving the placing of two portals is so incredibly original and fun. The storyline is that you, a mute, maybe brain damaged, test subject, is being forced to participate in experiments involving portals by the AI that killed all the scientists. It's still a lot of fun though! I haven't had the chance to play the first Portal sadly.

Lastly, there's my favorite cute little sackboy, from Little Big Planet. I really want to classify this as a puzzle game, because you have to find ALL the stickers. Plus, it is multiplayer, and you must interact with your friends in little puzzle like games to acquire all the stickers. IT IS ADORABLE!  



Assassin's Creed is literally my favorite series. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when the PS4 game comes out, and I don't have a PS4. Out of all the games, my favorite Assassin has got to be Ezio (AC2, Revelations, Brotherhood). Basically, the story of the game is to ASSASSINATE ALL THE TEMPLARS! And the conspiracy theories in this game, wow it's almost as if the developers are trying to tell us something about the world.

My favorite inappropriate line in ACII

I'm currently playing Bioshock, and loving the creepiness of it all. Seriously, at the beginning, I moved very slowly and checked all corners. Now, I just whack my wrench around and kill tons of splicers. I'm getting really good at the game, but I DON'T PLAY THIS AT NIGHT! I really need to write a post dedicated to the world of Rapture, a world run by rich people, under the sea, away from civilization, all focused on genetically enhanced humans (gone wrong). It takes place after FDR and the Great Depression I think, or during? Not sure.

MASS EFFECT! To date I've only finished Mass Effect 2, and started Mass Effect 3. I stopped playing ME3 because I accidentally killed a key player. It was very sad. I may either continue, or wait until I buy the first Mass Effect through the PSN and start all over. Basically, this game takes place in SPACE. And every dialogue action you choose affects the storyline. There are tons of missions on different planets and it's tons of fun! There's a lot of info though.

I think everyone has heard of Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls by now. It's a never ending, dragon filled game, which has millions of side quests and things to do. Seriously though, dragons come at least 5 times a day :P



AND THEN THERE ARE THESE TWO GAMES. Both of these games actually combine action and puzzles together! And they are simply amazing. The first is the Uncharted Series, which is all about Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter. Of course everything he gets involved in turns to shit (sorry for my potty mouth). The first game involved the lost city of El Dorado.....and ZOMBIES. And within the game, there are puzzles you need to solve in order to move further along. And then, Tomb Raider is just awesome because of Lara Croft. And there are also puzzles hidden around for you to solve!

I'm so sorry for the long post, but as you can see, I AM OBSESSED. I have played and loved so many video games, that it is impossible to mention them all!

Honorable Mentions: J-Role Playing Games, such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 13.

As I said before, I am currently playing Bioshock. And if I were to recommend one of these games to someone, I think it would be Portal 2. It's not just mindless shooting, but then it's also not boring either. However, some of the puzzles ARE really hard! I can't find a book to compare to it though :/

Thanks so much for reading haha! Also thanks to Jeann and Read Me Away for hosting such an awesome meme!
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