Monday, October 27, 2014

Get To Know The Awesome That Is Me

I have been tagged by Ely and Chami over @ A Book So Fathomless to complete the Get to Know Me Tag. Although I have been swamped with work and studying (the reason why there is a lack of reviews at the moment), this will be my study break.

So yup! I hope you enjoy this "modest" post about myself. I had a lot of fun filling it out (the only fun I'm allowed to have until Thursday). And of course, you'll get to know more about me! Or will you? Maybe everything here is a lie....

How tall are you?

I am currently 5 feet and 2 inches and still growing. Yes, even though I am already 20 years old. (Hey I can dream, right?) Or, um, if I convert it, I should be 62 centimeters? This might be completely wrong but I'm too lazy to Google the conversion.

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?


In fact, my hidden talent happens to be the ability to fold my tongue, once over. 

Seriously, you could make a book out of this. Valerie, the folding tongue-girl, making her way around the world stunning people with her wondrous talent. 

What's your biggest blog related pet peeve? 

Do I even have one? Hmm. I'm not a fan of those comments that simply advertise their blog, but I deal with it. I guess not being able to update the blog frequently is another, but that's all on me.

What's your biggest non blog related pet peeve?

If you give me a minute, I will think of one. 

I guess I don't like stupid people? Actually, I don't like people who specifically ask for advice, and then say they don't want your advice. And then they constantly complain about their life, and not change anything about it. 

Am I being too harsh? 

What's your favourite song?

No Light, No Light by Florence and the Machine. Also, did I mention that I saw Bastille live Friday night? My favorite song by them is Icarus, and also What Would You Do.

What's your favourite Etsy shop that isn't yours?

I've never shopped on Etsy before. So I can't answer this question.

What's your favourite way to spend your free time when you're alone?


This has been an obsession for a very long time, and it's been pretty continuous, and I've been able to keep up with the latest games. Except for The Sims 4, because apparently they haven't made that for Mac yet (I am still pissed). Oh, and I don't have a PS4 soon, but one day. 

To be honest, if I had to pick between reading and playing video games, I would maybe I shouldn't finish this sentence? OKAY MOVING ON. 

What's your favourite junk food?

This is very specific, but the popcorn from the movie theaters, specifically either AMC or Regal Cinemas. I don't even care what movie I see, I live for that popcorn. 

It's overpriced, but I can't recreate it perfectly using the microwave. 

Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

I'm sharing a doggie with my housemates if that counts! His name is Ollie, and I've already shown you guys him, but here he is again!

What are your number one favourite nonfiction and fiction books?

Well I can definitely say that Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, is my favorite non-fiction book of all time, just because I am an introvert, and it is also very easy to read.

When it comes to my favorite fiction book? Ugh. Can I just go with my all-time favorite when I was a teen, which was The Mediator: Shadowland by Meg Cabot. I was (and still am) obsessed with that series.

What's your favourite beauty product?

Cucumbers. They are fun to eat.

Also, Grapefruit body butter from The Body Shop. The smell is so deliciously amazing, I could eat it.

When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

I do a lot of stupid things, but nothing major has happened yet. I also have poor memory. 

If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

MINUTE MAID FRUIT PUNCH. Screw tea (no offense tea-lovers, I actually haven't gotten into tea yet sadly) and coffee (though I am addicted at this point), but I love juice. 

I'm not sure if this makes me a kid, but juice is good guys. 

What’s your favourite movie?

I don't know. It used to be 500 Days of Summer, but then I also like Moulin Rouge. And the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy were also amazing. And of course there's Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda (I can quote this entire movie), and the ones I watch on repeat.

I have a whole list of movies I love. I can't just pick one. Why is this a question.

What were you in high school: Prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist?

I was a nerd (still am), jock (I swam my life away), band geek for one year (yay flutes), artist (I drew bunnies everywhere so that counts), and really smart academically.

So yeah. I think this just proves that labels are useless because people are individuals and can't be lumped in a single category.

Though, I can say for certain that I've been labeled as an evil demon child. This isn't true though. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Is this even a question? Most definitely Paris. I'm currently taking French, so might as well put that to good use.   

PC or Mac?

Both. I could list out all the pros and cons right here right now, but I won't, ok ok maybe just a couple.

I love PCs because I can play MMORPGs on them, and also Sims 4. I hate them because they last for 2 years (laptops), and then they die on me.

I love Macs because they last a very long time, and they are generally pretty fast. I hate them because they are expensive and most software isn't available for it.

Last romantic gesture from a boyfriend?

Do not want to talk about this.

Favourite celebrity?

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT. And also Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson. Every single celebrity with the first name Chris. 

What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?  

I secretly want to be friends with Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer (She said we were, but I still comment on all her posts because senpai please notice me. Just ignore that if you have no idea what that means hahahah. Laughing at my own jokes), and also, hmm I think that's it? 

I managed to convince everyone on my feed to be buddies with me. MUHAHAHA---wait. I mean, yay best friends forever!

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