Thursday, November 17, 2016

All About Self-Care

I blatantly copied Shannon’s idea for this post. Because I can. To be honest it has been really hard to get back to blogging and books since the election. Combine that with family matters, in which I had to travel to Canada for (coincidentally I did escape the country, haha), it’s been rough. How do I go back to everything with what’s been happening?

Here I’ll be listing what I’ll be doing for, pretty much the next four years, or at least the next couple of weeks.

1. Drown out my fears and anxiety by playing pretty much all the video games. At the moment I am playing The Witcher 3, and I am contemplating starting over because I am a completionist, and I start having multiple saves. Plus, it has such a steep learning curve, and it was pretty hard for me to get into it until I realized I missed a couple of things.

2. Start reading my favorite blogs again. I don’t even want to check my Feedly at the moment, because there’s most likely 500 unread posts.

3. New York Times crossword puzzles. Yeah, I am addicted to crossword puzzles. I ended up buying a NYT subscription and though I’m not sure if I’ll keep it, I do love the puzzles. I might just end up paying for the crossword puzzles by themselves if I see that I have enough time to do them. You know, along with all the other things I do nowadays.

4. Retail Therapy. If only I had all the money to support this haha!

5. Donate. Honestly, this is more important to me than buying actual things, though I did buy Evie’s sticker *points to button on sidebar* to distribute to my friends. Two organizations I will be donating to later this month are Planned Parenthood (loving how 12.5% of donations were in Mike Pence’s name LOL) and ACLU.

6. Create graphics. I was able to download Adobe Illustrator from my university for free, and I’m learning how to use it. It’s surprisingly very different from Photoshop, but it’s allowed me to open different file formats that PSD could not. Now I can manipulate all those freebie vectors I've hoarded from Creative Market these last two years.

7. Cuddle with my cat. Who probably hates me for leaving her alone for a week. Sorry Primrose. I promise to spoil you when I get home.

8. Watch all the TV shows. There are some I’m looking forward to, such as A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’m still in the middle of The Office, and I’ll probably watch it until I get tired of it. Or until my favorite couple gets married. I also started Supergirl, but the DC series feel a bit too cheesy for me, which is the problem with I had with The Flash. I might try the second episode, or I could just go straight to Daredevil S2 and Luke Cage.

9. Watch all the movies. Next week Moana is coming out, which I am pretty excited for. Fantastic Beasts is coming out this weekend, but I’m still not sure whether I actually want to see it. I guess I’ll see what everyone says about it. ALSO KUNG FU PANDA 3 IS ON NETFLIX.

When you can quote the entire movie, because of how many times you've watched it

10. Have hope in the people. Do I have hope in Donald Trump and his team? No, not at all. Do I have hope in everyone protesting against him and donating? Yes. Do I have hope in the organizations that will fight to protect all of our rights? Yes. Do I have hope that more people will speak out? Yes. Do I have hope that the people who did vote for him will be ultimately disappointed and realize they will be paying more in taxes? Yes. Bottom line, even though there is little I can do in this matter, I still have faith in people. Hate will never be normalized.

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