Saturday, June 11, 2016

An Innocent Life #11: Disney World, Fallout 4, And It's Similarities To The 100

Hi! I've been so much more active because it is SUMMERTIME and it makes me happy. I have also been posting more (unless I'm pooped) and playing a lot of video games.

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I'm also participating in my first Instagram book photo challenge, for June. Actually, I am doing two of them. Sometimes I do both in one day, sometimes I do one, sometimes I'm a bum and don't do anything. But it's a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be, and even though some of the prompts are hard (and my dad CONTINUES TO JUDGE MY BOOK PICTURES. I'M LOOKING AT YOU DAD), it's worth it!


Back at it again with the links! (Well, some links)

Ely @ Tea & Titles has added me to her blog squad! Just in case the apocalypse actually happens. I think we agreed that we would save the dog before ourselves. (Also this is a tag and you should all do it!)

This is from MONTHS ago (one month), but Holly @ The Fox's Hideaway talks about internal vs. external hype for books! For me, either way if I get let down I am sad.

Alexandra @ Literary Legionnaire discusses whether you notice well developed (or undeveloped) secondary characters. Sometimes I overlook them, but if they are REALLY well done I will take notice! (It also was her blogoversary recently!)

Emily @ Loony Literate reveals the pros and cons of the Instagram algorithm. Which I do not all. I feel like I miss so much from my faves.

Amber @ YA Indulgences talks about what she wants to see more of in YA. When it comes to this topic, I always want to see more birth control and contraception!

Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight is hosting Shattering Stigmas again! Check it out!

Lastly, Ely and I are again hosting the Make Me Read It Readathon (back by popular demand, or 2 people lol). We are really excited and grateful for how many people are excited to join!

Does anything really happen in my life anymore? Nope just small stuff! My most recent trip was going to Epcot and Magic Kingdom in Disney World. My parents only live two hours away, and because we're (technically they're) Florida residents, we get a lot of discounts.

BE JEALOUS it is me and Baymax!

Other than that, I have read many, many books. I have caught up to my Goodreads Challenge (although sometimes I am still 1 book behind). I have posted a lot of reviews. Eaten a lot of popcorn (Dad can attest to this).

I also bought my first video game of 2016 (yes I know, it's already June). I have been playing Fallout 4 almost every day. At first I was dying a lot, but then over time I got stronger and just better at playing (shooting more chaotically more like it). Also, I made the greatest revelation of all time, in that Fallout 4 is basically the video game version of The 100. First off, the player is stuck down in a vault for 200 years before coming back up to a radiated Earth, due to nuclear warfare. There are groups such as raiders, supermutants, and this bigger one called The Institute. I even spotted a two-headed deer!! SEE THE RESEMBLANCE*

*I've only watched 8 episodes of the 100. Shannon probably thinks I'm a weirdo. ALSO FALLOUT 3 WAS MADE IN 2008 SO THE 100 TOTALLY COPIED OFF THEM. (Just kidding the plot is completely different)

That's it from me! Hope you have an awesome June! AND SUMMER.  

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