Monday, May 23, 2016

BEA Recap: Chicago Edition

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Hello there.

I have been back from my trip to Chicago for more than over a week now, and to say I am happy to not be stressed out is a huge understatement. For me, going to BEA right before graduating and moving on was a huge stressor. However, that isn't to say that I didn't enjoy my time there. I still woke up at 6:00am, sat on my butt pillow, annoyed everyone tons, and made sure Shannon didn't sleep through BEA.

First, let's go over who I met and who I stayed with, because there is a lot. My roomies included Shannon, Holly, Kalli, Rashika, Nori, Mishma, and CJ. Then I met a ton of others including Amber, Nicole, Karen (and her daughter, Belle!), Emma, Erin, Sabrina (you drunks), Britt, and who even knows who else! A lot of people. I forget ahaha.

I have never been to Chicago though, so it was really nice to go sight-seeing after BEA (because apparently I had enough energy for that). On the other hands, others did not. But I don't blame them!


Oh yes there were a ton of good things that happened, other than than the Macmillan stampede to get Heartless (which I did end up getting one!). I think it's common knowledge for everyone that 75% of BEA is waiting in lines, while the other 25% is walking around or talking. This year, it seemed like there were less books than last year, which makes sense because you can only ship a limited quantity of books as a publisher if you are not located in Chicago. But even with this, I still got about the same amount, or probably even MORE than I did so last year. And I was taking a plane too (suitcase was 47 pounds by the way, with my carry on having room to spare).

So many things happened on each day, that I'm just going to sum up what happened on each one!

DAY ONE: Not sure WHY people started lining up early, especially since absolutely nothing was happening. Even so, Shannon, I, and Karen ended up going to the other entrance. Honestly, nothing was happening on that day, that I don't even remember what I did? I know I picked up all of the Harper titles so I wouldn't have to on the other days. But that was prettttty much it.

DAY TWO: Where I picked up my most anticipated, 20 Ways To Draw A Cat And Other Awesome Animals. And got it SIGNED. WITH A UNICORN.

I also survived the Heartless stampede, got my two tickets, and peacefully made my way through the rest of the day. Holly even stood in line for me to get History Is All You Left Me, because I DON'T KNOW WHY. She is such a sweetie (and yes Shannon and Amber were there too to get my picture!)

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Oh, and I got Metaltown for Shannon, because SOMEONE slept through their alarm, and I had to get the receptionist to do a wake up call. (It's okay I still love you Shannon, you just owe me, with love or a kidney).

DAY THREE: The last day, thank freaking god. After getting a ticket for Caraval, I immediately headed into line for Maggie Stiefvater, because apparently you did not need to wait in the autographing line early in the morning for it!

And after that, I was just cruising along. Mostly waiting for author signings. NOT waiting in the Sabaa Tahir line for A Torch Against The Night (then later on Saturday, when dropping off a couple of unwanted books, I found an abandoned copy on the hotel bookshelf!). Oh! I also took a photo with Jay Kristoff!

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HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BOOKS: Genima, Kids of Appetite, Vassa In The Night, Caraval, Heartless
DEEP DISH PIZZA SATISFACTION?: Eh. I liked it, kind of. The cheese was super chewy, and I am not into chewy things. AND THE CRUST WAS NOT GARLIC
THE BEAN: Apparently no one knows what the bean is. And how can I blame them when I didn't even know what Rashika or CJ were referring to? Because yes, all cities have giant silver bean like structures! (sarcasm)
FAVORITE DINNER: Sushi! At that sushi place! So specific Val!
BEST ROOMMATE: Myself obviously.

Not going to lie, I do NOT regret going to BEA. Even though it was hectic, and stressful, I managed to pull through, and it was 100% worth it. It may take some convincing to get me to NYC for next year's, but let's be honest it will probably happen.
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