Saturday, May 28, 2016

An Innocent Life #10: I Have An Apartment!

Hello there! I am officially alive, and ready to party. Somewhere.

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I have been waiting all May for Outrun The Moon by Stacey Lee. Mom was really surprised and happy by how the author is Chinese.

I'm also reading A Court of Thorns and Roses because I am tired of being left in the dark as to everything that's going on! Sure, some may say that I'm better off being ignorant, but ah well. I bought it such a long time ago, might as well get to it now! (But let's be honest, probably won't get to ACOMAF until 2018)

I just came back from getting an apartment for grad school in North Carolina!

So much room in my little apartment! Everyone should come visit me, ahahah.

Just kidding. But I seriously did get a really nice apartment, which came with a student discount (woo!) so I was pretty lucky. And the unit itself is completely renovated and new, honestly I'm wondering what exactly the catch is. I guess I'll find that out in August haha.

But for now, I'm bumming out at my parents'. Reading, playing video games, doing absolutely nothing until I have to. BE JEALOUS.

I think that's all. Hope your week has been going great!
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