Saturday, February 21, 2015

No Laptop! (Sadness)

So here I am, posting from my phone because SURPRISE, my laptop decided to get all glitchy on me today (while I was commenting too). So be prepared for some typos in this post. And a lack of format.

Long story short, the screen of my MacBook suddenly grayed out on me while I was using it, and then it became all stripey and pixelated whenever I tried to start it up again. So, while remaining calm, I rushed off to the nearest Apple store and made an appointment. There, super nice Apple guy who I don't have the name of ran all these diagnostics test. By that time, my laptop was acting fine (it's mischievous), and passed all the tests.

However, because I took a photo of my screen going wacky, and my model was under a list of recalls, I was able to send in my laptop to get repaired (Under this Repair Extension program specifically for graphic cards). This program was just launched yesterday. So I was really lucky to not have to pay $310. Instead I paid nothing.

Unfortunately, due to this slight recall, I won't be able to schedule any posts (unless it's through my phone, which I don't feel like dealing with). So yeah. I guess you could say I'll be taking a week hiatus, until my laptop comes back to me.

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