Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #43

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Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes to Romance In Books

Wow. I think this topic was MADE for me. Honestly. I'm not a huge fan of romance because I'm not that romantic of a person. When I was younger, I avoided books with romance or love interests because I was like "DUDE GIVE ME SOME PLOT" and I didn't view romance as a plot. And even now, I'm kind of iffy about it. Because with romance comes drama, and I do not do drama at all. 

But if I were to REALLY CONSIDER what I like and dislike about romance, welllll...

Slow burn - I love slow burn, just because there is actually TIME to develop the romance. And every time the couple is not together, I want them to be together. Also, usually when there's a slow burn romance, the plot is better, because there's more focus on the plot. So bam. Two birds with one stone.

Secrets, secrets, secrets - When MC has this HUGE secret that she has to keep hidden, and MC love interest finds out, which brings the both of them closer. Well, it has to be a good secret, like in Seraphina or Golden Son

Hate then love - When the main characters hate each other, but THEN BAM, they get closer and they realize that they can never live without each other. Like in This Shattered World.

Fake relationships - To be honest I've only read one book with a fake relationship, The Art of Lainey, but it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. 

The dark and forbidden relationship - Keyword dark here! Haha. I would love to read more of these, but I guess the closest I can come up with is Shadow and Bone, the relationship between The Darkling and Alina. I don't necessarily ship it, but I like the whole aspect behind it. I need to read more books where there's a relationship between the hero and the villain, IS THERE SUCH A THING OUT THERE? 

Not a fan of randomly placed love triangles - Or love squares for that matter. Like in this one book, The Winter People, I could not stand the fact that there was three guy interests that I could NOT differentiate between. No. That was not necessary.

Some good looking guy, who's typical - This also applies to the other gender, depending on the MC gender. Anyways, this counts as a romance thing right? Where the love interest is just good looking, and that's his only personality trait. There's nothing else going on for him or her. This was the case for Suspicion, which I recently read.

I'm going to get with this guy because he's here - Also applies the other way around. I really don't like it when two characters get together just because they can, and it's convenient because it fits some YA mold. NEWSFLASH. There does NOT have to be a relationship or a romance in YA. Contrary to popular belief, not all of us want a romance!

Instalove - Ah yes, the infamous instalove. Because. Honestly, why is this still a thing now? Why? Don't people know that relationships need to develop? Ahhh I can't blame anyone for this, I'm sure there are readers that love instalove. Also insta-attraction is a thing too. I'm not very good at telling the two apart.   

The fickle main character - I think this kind of goes with love triangles, but I'll put this here anyways. I'm not a fan of main characters that change their mind constantly about who they love. LIKE NO. Stick to one person please. Thanks

Hahah that was not hard for me at all. I'm definitely missing some, but I tried to limit it to what I've read and experienced for myself. 

How do you feel about these tropes?
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