Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #90

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Top Ten Books I Want To Read Thanks To School

Yes you read right. There are books I want to read because of my classes (and other influences too I suppose). Here's the story. I'm not exactly the best at English, so I was always in the lower level classes. Which was fine. Except for the fact that most of my friends were amazing and were always in Honors and AP. They read some pretty great books. I on the other hand, not really. (I mean the books were good but I don't know, I WANTED TO FEEL INCLUDED)

1984 was read by everyone in my sophomore year of high school, and I was pretty jealous. I really love the dystopian classics, if that's what they're called. And all my friends were discussing this, and I was just like "wah".

So going to be honest, no one I knew read Fahrenheit 451, but I think it is also another dystopian. I kind of want to read them all, you know? And I heard of it from some English class, but it was never required reading.

The Catcher And The Rye was also mentioned at some point, and I remember seeing many copies of it in the YA section of the library (wow!). I don't know why we never read it. Apparently my English teacher mentioned it was boring? (!!)

THIS ONE. I barely missed reading The Things They Carried, by transferring in late to the AP class. Yeah. I know. But anyways, it was nice because my old English teacher was like "You do not belong in this class you're too smart", so off I went.

I can't believe I missed reading The Joy Luck Club in the English Honors class my friends were in. I would have related so hard.

And when The Great Gatsby movie came out, all my friends were comparing it to the book, which I didn't read. Because I wasn't in their Honors class or whatever. I am salty.

So again, none of my friends read Lord Of The Flies, but my best friend's little sister was reading it, and I was slightly interested. Though I feel like someone mentioned this was boring too...

I don't even know what Catch-22 but I figured I would continue reading the classics with all the numbers in the titles. Haha.

BUNNIES. BUNNIES. BUNNIES. So yes to Watership Down

Slaughterhouse-Five was specifically in another YA book I read years ago. Because it had such a huge impact on the characters, I ended up checking it out, and ultimately buying it on Amazon for cheap.

Were you ever jealous of your friends reading cool books in English class? Have you read any of these?
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