Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Call to Lovers of the WWII Genre!

Hello there! If you don't know me by now, you should know that I am a hardcore reader of the World War II genre (YES I say it's a genre). Which is why I am super excited to be hosting this event with the lovely Ely @ Tea & Titles.

So here is the lowdown. I love reading novels in the setting of World War II. IT IS MY OBSESSION. And I think this should be everyone's obsession, right? In other words, I feel as if this "genre" is pretty underrated, which is unbelievable because THIS IS WHERE ALL THE FEELS ARE! Have you watched The Boy In The Striped Pajamas? Huh?

(I also want to mention that although Ely and I have been planning some kind of WWII event for a very long time, because tears, sadness, and feels, I was inspired by Shannon, Kayla, and Inge's event, Shattering Stigmas. Which was amazing. And I was also inspired by Holly's March Madness as well. Which was and again will be amazing.)

Anyways, are you a lover of WWII? (I see you out there, I know who you are) If so, then we're asking for your help! Our event won't be taking place until the last two weeks of February since we still need to figure out all sorts of things, and it requires an insane amount of planning. WHICH IS WHERE YOU COME IN. Are you interested in writing a guest post about anything WWII related? (Like why you love the genre, what made you love it, etc.) Do you love reading about WWII as much as we do? Then please fill out our interest form below!

Of course, we are also looking for authors who have written anything relating to WWII! So if you are an author and are interested in doing an interview or guest post, please fill out the interest form as well!

We’ll be getting in contact with everyone who signs up very soon, so wait for our emails!
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