Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #37

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Top Ten Resolutions for 2015

Guys, I don't like goals and resolutions much because it makes me feel bad for not accomplishing them. Plus it makes me feel like I have to accomplish all these goals in the month of January, just because that's the first month of the year.

Oh well! Here are my bookish and blogging goals for the year!

Request a print ARC - This means actually emailing publishers, or contacting them somehow, and requesting a book from their catalog. Using Netgalley and EW was fine for me because everything was indirect. But this is just intimidating. I will do it though. Sometime this year.

Buy a domain name for le site - This is an easy goal. It's more of me just going to GoDaddy and buying the domain name. It only costs $10 a year anyways. SADLY THIS IS NOT HOSTING. Blogger does not support self-hosting (No, moving to Wordpress scares me).

Read more than 100 books - I reached 63 books this year, all because I started blogging. Now that I'm slightly more experienced, I feel like I can make the time to read over 100 books. Maybe. 

Reach 200 followers - BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE SO COOL. And almost unbelievable. This is more of a goal than a resolution for change I think. But this also involves visiting new blogs. So yes?

Print out business cards - And the reason for this is for the reason below!

Have a wonderful BEA experience - I am actually attending Book Expo America with my two weirdo blogger friends Holly @ The Fox's Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight. We've already starting planning the trip, and hopefully I will not be overwhelmed by the monstrosity that is BEA. 

Buy more books - I know, this is a surprise. But I am not very good at buying books, because I restrain myself too much. I think I need to at least buy a book a month just so I expand my book collection. (Though I don't think I have space on my tiny bookshelf for this sadly)

Reply back to comments in a timely manner - Just because I am not good at replying back to comments, and I end up waiting DAYS before I get to the posts. Oops. I don't think this bothers anyone but myself. 

Spend an hour each day visiting blogs - I MEAN I ALREADY DO BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL, but I just want to make sure I consistently keep doing it. I like visiting blogs. It's good procrastination.

Make more blogger friends - It is hard to believe how many friends I have made this year. I HAVE MADE SO MANY. I LOVE YOU ALLLL. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU.

And there you go. Do my goals and resolutions live up to your expectations? HUH? Too bad. Do you have any 2015 resolutions?
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