Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekly Updates: Reading Bingo Progress

I can see the light
The end of school almost here
close yet still so far

Hi. I created this little haiku to express the joy and happiness I'm feeling of spending my last three weeks in college being stressed. YES COLLEGE.

Anyways, at the beginning of the year, I started the Reading Bingo Challenge that I found on some publishing website (Random house? idk), and I wanted to see how far I've come. So here's my progress so far.

Here are all the books that correspond to my covered up bingo spots! I'm so proud of myself I've read so many books this year! Wooo. As you can see, I haven't gotten 5 in a row yet. boo

Other Life Updates

Anyways, this sunday is Easter! But do I have anything planned? Nope. I'm not going home because 1) it's too far away and 2) my family doesn't really celebrate Easter...? 

In my language development class, we're learning about reading acquisition in young infants and children! So, for any to be mothers or current mothers out there, yes reading to your kids will be the best predictor of their reading skill in the future. That, and also phonetics. I would go into more detail about it since I'm a nerd and my major revolves around language processing, but I won't bore you.

But seriously, major in cognition and brains it's cool. It's like being a zombie. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. You are rocking that bingo! I just got my first bingo on mine!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Yay congrats! I really want to join more reading challenges.

  2. ZOOMMMBIES. *ahem* I think zombies are quite interesting. ;) I did a Cert III in Childcare and honestly the psychology and cognitive sections were the most interesting. ;) Wow, do toddlers have interesting though patterns. Congrats on being so good on your bingo!! I see a few blogs doing it and it looks kind of fun. ^.^

    (Did you like Of Poseidon?! I adored it, but I think I'm the minority!)

    1. Thanks Cait. Yes I am a zombie and proud of it! Children's brains are so fun to study muhaha.

      I kind of liked Of Poseidon. I've got mixed feelings about it. I only picked it up because I REALLY wanted to read a "mermaid" kind of story, and I also really liked the twist in the end. But then I read the second book, and it kind of ruined the series for me. So I'm not sure whether I truly liked it or not or if it was just me not thinking straight.

  3. Ooo, a reading bingo sounds like fun! ^_^

    Anyhoo, These Broken Stars is pretty good - I really enjoyed it! :D

    1. Yay I'm glad you enjoyed it! I kind of enjoyed it, kind of. I think it's because I didn't really understand the big twist haha.

  4. Reading bingo looks super cool! I haven't read Cinder yet it is so so so high on my tbr pile!


    1. If you haven't read it then you MUST read it now. Read it next!

  5. Your major sounds like so much fun, definitely more interesting than English Literature which is what I am doing. I did originally apply to do psychological and educational development but changed my mind and now I kinda regret it.

    Reading bingo looks like fun, I might look into that.

    Happy Reading.

  6. Awesome, I'm participating in a Bingo challenge as well, I'll be updating on that at the end of this month most likely!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination


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