Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Blog and Reading Resolutions

And would you look at that, it’s already 2018! Sure, I waited about four days to post this, mainly because the only thing I’ve been doing IS reading. Which YAY but at the same time, I also wanted to blog more this year?

Let’s go over some resolutions or changes I plan to take on this new year

More Blogging

Again, I say this, but I was hoping to have more posts scheduled than I do now. Oops. But besides that, I do want to average about 10 posts a month. Last year I did a horrible job in that regard, with only 1 or 2 posts a month. Then I became re-motivated in November. Hopefully that continues with this new year.

Let’s Finish Some Series

If you don’t know me, I am HORRIBLE with finishing series or reading sequels. Some factors that play into this are 1) forgetting EVERYTHING that happened in the first book, and 2) my reluctance to let go of my favorite characters. In 2017, I finished one series. Just one. This year, I need to do better. Holly made it a thing to read a series a month (including rereads), and I’m hoping to do the same this year. Or try to.

Less ARCs, More Backlist

Yes, I’m going to be that person that talks about reading more backlist books. Mainly all the 2017 ones I haven’t gotten to. But this is more than that. I also want to focus on reading books that are finished over the ones that aren’t. Mainly because I’ve found that I enjoy books more when I’m not pressured to read them by a certain date (surprise, surprise).


I say this every year, but I plan to pre-order at least one book a month. This time though, I’ll be picking up some books from my local indie, since I should take advantage of the fact that I’m a member.

Book Club

This one is a surprise and honestly, I forgot about it until now, but I recently joined a book club! No idea when we’re first meeting or what the first book will be, but hopefully it all works out. I'm hoping to make all the meetings, and read the books too.

Quality Over Quantity (in terms of graphics)

Last year I spent a lot of time making graphics for every individual post. That was fun and all, but very time consuming. And some of them did not turn out the way I wanted to. This year, I’ll probably do the same, but I’ll be keeping the same graphics for my mini reviews.

Reach my Goodreads Challenge of 1 Book

HA I already reached it! I win!

What are your resolutions for 2018? Do you usually keep at them, or only for the first few weeks?
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