Saturday, April 23, 2016

An Innocent Life #8: When Will The Semester Come To End??

Hello there. I am currently drowning in everything I need to do before I graduate college. But hey, at least I don't need to worry about my future, right? (Just the future of the country, I suppose).

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I finished reading The Last Boy And Girl In The World! It was not about the making of little babies to repopulate the Earth.

But I accidentally created an artistic photo, in that the blanket I used symbolizes the flooding of the town, Aberdeen, from the novel. MUCH ARTIST VAL. SO TALENT.

Here are some random links from maybe the past three weeks or so? Whoops!

Cynthia @ Bingeing for Books discusses why you shouldn't blog just for free books. I mean, you'll definitely burn out within the first month!

Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently closed down her site (SAD) so now I can't link back to her post about JOINING BOOKISH GAMES. Which you all should, btw. Oh thanks to Shannon, here's the link!

Tonya @ LilyBloomBooks wonders if social media is too much of a good thing. I really only promote on Twitter because I am a lazy bum.

Chiara @ Books For A Delicate Eternity urges EVERYONE to go read manga! And she also has a post about whether novellas are worth your money or not.

Holly @ The Fox's Hideaway asks where all her negative reviews went (*whispers very quietly* up your butt. Haha. Ok I'll stop.)

Jillian @ Jillian's Books talks about how books have set her standards high (for real life things, like BOYFRIENDS and GIRLFRIENDS, and I guess just friends. And dogs)

Peach @ Rebelle Reads warns you to NEVER LEND OUT YOUR BOOKS AGAIN. How can people be so cruel to books?

Get your Fearless Book Blogger Workbook HERE at Bookish Serendipity!

Nefarious Tales has started! You should go check it out because A LOT of bloggers are participating!


Let me tell you a fun, stressful story. Back in late February, little Val was applying to present at an Undergraduate Research Exposition at her university. It would take place on April 22nd. The deadline was March 1st, and the people in charge promised a notification on March 15th.

Fast forward to March 15th. No email. People in charge sneakily go on the website and change the notification date to April 1st. Fine.

Fast forward to April 1st. People in charge email apologies, saying that haven't gone through all the applications yet and need just a little bit more time.

Fast forward to APRIL 13TH. With less than 10 days to go, Val has been invited to present a poster. Too bad Val is posterless.

Fortunately, I do have a poster now, and I presented it. It was stressful to come up with, and I had to get it edited multiple times. But it was sooooo much better than what I expected. Like I actually talked ENGLISH. And didn't let my shyness get me! (In the end I didn't need a shot of liquor, haha). 

Look it's me! I should have won an award for best dressed or something.

The semester is almost at an end, so I May I should be HUNKY DORY. (If I had a dollar for every time I said I wouldn't be busy by a certain time....le sigh).

How are you guys doing? You guys ok?
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