Friday, March 9, 2018

The Pros & Cons of Binge Reading

I'm currently in the process of reading an entire series that I read the first book of exactly 3 years ago. And this is actually pretty huge for me because I almost never, NEVER binge read or watch ANYTHING. Yet this year, I have done both of those things! Which is why I will now list out the pros and the cons of binge reading.


1. No cliffhangers! 
You get to know what happens immediately after you finish the first book. It's wonderful and there's no waiting involved.

2. Remembering what happened in the previous books. 
Which means I can actually enjoy the book, because when I remember nothing, it just leads to a whole bunch of confusion.

3. A series off the TBR and into the Read pile. 
No more saying that I have to read so and so series, BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE.


1. You can't binge read the series if all the books aren't out yet! 
Which of course, is sad. Also means you'll have to wait until the whole series is out, or read them as they come out, which means cliffhangers and/or forgetting that there will be some cliffhangers, which aren't fun at all! 

2. Or if you simply can't get access to all the books.
Which does happen to me all the time as I'm not overflowing with money. Hence why yesterday I was seen checking out the entire series (The Others by Anne Bishop)

3. You may need a break after a while. 
You might get tired of the world, the characters, or the genre. This is initially why I never wanted to read an entire series at once, or either multiple books by the same author.

Have you ever binge read a series? 
Or do you have hesitations?
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