Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wisdom Teeth Are Gone!

Hi guys. My wisdom teeth were pulled out this morning D:

The day before, I was terrified of going to get my wisdom teeth pulled. When I went in for consultation, the dentist explained how my top two wisdom teeth were easy to take out, while my bottom ones had double impactions. Basically, in order to remove those molars, they had to drill through the gum and shave off part of my jaw bone. Ha. HAHA.

So when June 19th finally came, I tensed up. I brought my music to play throughout the procedure, and was going to ask to take medication, otherwise known as Oral Premedication, to help me relax beforehand along with local anesthesia.

However, in the end, I realized that the doctor had already decided on how I was going to be sedated. IV anesthesia along with local anesthesia, which meant I was going to be completely knocked out. But still, I hate needles. The worst part was sticking that needle in my vein. And then after all the preparation, he stuck in the anesthesia saying "soon you'll feel the effects..."

And then I passed out.

What felt like 5 minutes later, I woke up. I asked the assistant if "all my teeth were gone", in which she said yes. And then I had to sit for awhile because I just couldn't get up. 

I also asked whether I could eat ice cream. Kind of like this "Can I eeeeeeeeeat iiiice creeeammmmmmm?"

And also, I passed a basket of chapstick on my way out, and I was like "Ooooo is this chapstickkkk? Can I have one?" and the nurse was like "Yesssss you can have one."
(But I don't remember where I put the chapstick....hmmmmm)

Here's my beautiful chipmunk face.


Back in the car, I started randomly texting and calling my friends. Example:

"They put mW under"
"Um ok"
"U just got ihr"

I still don't know what I was trying to say exactly.

My dad picked up all my medications for me, there are five in total. One is just a prescribed "mouthwash", the other is an antibiotic to prevent infections. Then I have Ibuprofen, along with this other pain reliever for extreme cases of pain. And then there's this other one that I have no idea what it does. I'm so informed.

So yeah. That's it. I'm really hungry now, but all I can have is soft foods like soup and yogurt. Boo.


  1. I think we all have some interesting wisdom teeth stories lol. I was knocked out for mine too, luckly.
    One thing though, I will NEVER look at jello the same again. Its all I could eat for a week. Hope you heal up fast!

    1. Nooooooo I hate jelly I don't want to eat it for a week! haha. I don't know what I'm going to do about food though. Actually :P

  2. Haha, I hope it's worth it in the long run:) Wisdom teeth stories are the best and some of the funniest:P

    1. They are! I'm the first out of all my friends to get them out, so I hope to hears stories for them too.

  3. Omg. I am so so so sorry for you. :((( My brother did this!! I was supposed to, but for some reason, I just faded into the background whenever it was mentioned and everyone forgot about plucking them out. (They haven't even come up yet, though, so I guess I will never be wise??) BUT UGH THE PAIN. SURVIVE. YOU CAN DO IT, VAL. JUST SURVIVE. *pats shoulder consolingly*

    1. I WILL SURVIVE! But I don't know Cait, they might be underneath your gum!

      Actually, dentist told me that some people just don't take them out, and I also think my best friend is keeping them in as well. The only reason I took them out was because my top two teeth were rubbing against my cheek. Not sure what would've happened to the bottom ones (pushed against my bone maybe?) but I'm glad I took them out.

  4. Dayum, that's actually insane. I never heard of having to shave off part of the jaw bone, ouch. Well at least you were heavily sedated. Hope you feel better over the next few days, the chipmunk face will be gone before you know it ;)

    1. Thanks Hanna! I can feel the part of the jaw where they shaved off because it kind of hurts when I press on it. BUT YAY FOR MEDICATIONS!

  5. Whoa, you look a lot like a friend of mine.

    Wisdom teeth are irksome beasts. I remember having a foul taste in my mouth for an entire week after having them pulled out. Eww. And I absolutely hate the feeling of local anaesthesia in my mouth.
    But chubby cheeks are cute, so that’s a good thing, right?! :)) I hope it’s not that painful anymore!

    1. MAYBE I'M HER DOPPELGANGER? Just kidding. Maybe I actually know you in real life? No probably not hahahahaha.

      And my chubby cheeks would be cuter if the chubbiness was higher up on my cheeks. but nope, I have a chubby jaw bone today.

  6. "U just got ihr" – Now that’s the medicine texting. Haha! It’s normal to be pretty hazy after a surgery. Though it wasn’t so bad -- since you were unconscious during the procedure, you wouldn’t get the chance to see how bloody it could. Anyway, the aftercare can be even more complicated. Not only you have to deal with the pain, you’ll have to adjust to the soft diet you must go through for the mean time.

    Karen Perry @ Brookside Smiles

  7. What a nice story you have written about your wisdom teeth! Haha! You should be thankful, because your experience was relatively not that painful. Your dentist is really good at what he does. I think you were just too afraid, probably because it was your first time for a wisdom teeth removal. Anyway, thank you for sharing that, Val! I really enjoyed reading your post!

    Elfrieda Sevigny @ Simmonds Dental Center

  8. It is more of a choice these days to have your wisdom teeth taken out or to leave them in. We like to give people the option but sometimes there are patients where the best thing really is removal. Wisdom teeth can crowd other teeth and push them out of line or sometimes they just grow too big. I’m glad your experience wasn’t too painful. Live on smoothies while you recover. They’re tasty and healthy easy to manage. Better than jelly!

    Rudy Spencer @ London Bridge Dental Practice


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