Monday, February 17, 2014

Reading Bingo Challenge 2014

Guys, do you understand how AWESOME this reading challenge is? It's a bingo card! Who wouldn't want to do this. I can't believe I stumbled upon this I am so lucky!

So basically I can go about this in a number of ways, either just fill in 5 in a row, like in normal bingo, or maybe only fill in the four corners. Or just fill in the entire board. I've never finished a challenge before, so maybe I can actually do this one! 

Bingo from Retreat by Random House
Actually, I might just read whatever I want, and if the book matches with any space on the board, then I'll fill it in. And since this started at the beginning of January, let me see if I have any books that fit these requirements.

A BOOK PUBLISHED THIS YEAR: Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes


A BOOK WRITTEN BY SOMEONE UNDER THIRTY: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman (although I'm not 100% sure because it's hard to find the birthdates of authors)

A BOOK BASED ON A TRUE STORY: Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

A BOOK WITH A BLUE COVER: The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron

Oh wow I already have 5 spaces filled in and it's only February, although this actually doesn't form anything. I have to mark these somehow.

I'm very close to finishing And the Mountains Echoed! But I don't know if I will finished of Triton just because I'm not interested in it anymore. Last week was such a mess for me because I had two exams and a lot of homework assignments and internships to work on. But this week I only have one exam! Woo college life.


  1. I love bingo! This looks like a fun game/challenge to do, maybe I will join you as well :) School is definitely taking a toll on me with tons of homework and tests happening. I wish I have more free time for books :/

    1. I remember at the beginning of the year I was like "yeah I'll definitely be able to finish a book a week!" but now I'm like nope, that's impossible.

      But you should join this challenge with me ;)

  2. I found this on LibraryThing, I've decided to do both the regular and the YA bingo. I love a good reading challenge and this looks like fun; plus I'll be able to finish a few off my Mt. TBR which is awesome.

    1. Yeah I looked at the YA bingo one too, but I don't think I'll be able to do both haha. Anyways, good luck with your challenge as well!

      If you find any other fun challenges let me know!


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